It’s true!

Having amazing sex can make you go blind!

I was talking to a client a couple of days ago. She was telling me about a guy she’d been seeing for the last month. She likes him a lot, but things aren’t going as she’d hoped. I did an exercise with her to help her figure out whether she should end the relationship before things got any worse.

I got her to write down all the things she liked about her boyfriend, and on the other side, all the things she didn’t like. She thought about it, and suddenly started getting it all out on paper. How did the paper look by the end of it?

She had just three things she liked about him, and ten things she didn’t like about him!

Do what was the thing she liked the best about the guy and the relationship?


I spoke about Oxytocin recently, but it’s amazing the amount people will put up with for the sake of great sex. I’m not pointing fingers either, because I’ve done it myself! I’ve stayed with women who drove me nuts!

There was one woman I dated for a while. She was extremely attractive, very sexy, and the sex was INCREDIBLE. The thing was, when she had a drink or two inside her she turned into some kind of possessed madwoman!

I mean seriously. She literally transformed into this complete demon. She’d get aggressive and start mumbling these weird demonic words. Why did I stay with her? Because I really enjoyed the sex. I dated another woman who was an emotional wreck.

Even when things were going well for her, she’d behave as if her world was about to end. It was non-stop dramas. But, she was very confident in the bedroom, so I stuck around.

It drove me crazy, but because the sex was amazing, I let her get away with whatever she wanted. I had relationships with other girls who I got on great with. These girls were smart, interesting, and fun to be around. The trouble was there wasn’t a physical connection so we didn’t last. There has to be a balance for a relationship to work. But here’s the problem…

Amazing sex can blind you!

It can keep you in a destructive relationship, and it can draw you to someone who really isn’t right for you.

If you’re in a relationship based purely on sex, you need to end it quickly. You’re creating a void in other areas of your relationship that will never be filled. It’s the same if you’re with someone you get on with, but don’t have a physical spark. I strongly suggest you go through the exercise I mentioned earlier

Write down all the positive things and all the negative things about the relationship.

If the negative side is a lot longer than the positive, you need to realize your relationship is only working for you because of the sex. Great sex can blind you, and ultimately, it can leave you heartbroken. Is it really worth risking that for a couple of hours of pleasure a week?