find true loveWe did a kick ass seminar last weekend in Los Angeles, called the  Love Blueprint. There’ll be another one in New York City in March.  It’s almost sold out and it’ll probably be my last one this year.  The Love Blueprint was an amazing, inspiring weekend. What I enjoyed most, what filled my heart, was seeing everybody open up to each other. They revealed themselves.

Through our very unique role-playing exercises, men and women were able to observe how they struggle with expressing love to one another. Love starts with an inner journey. In order for someone to love you, you need to be honest about who you are and what you want from a relationship.

This is the Love Blueprint.

We talk a lot about authenticity and the way the universe works. When it comes to dating, most people very inauthentic. Putting on a façade they think others want to see. For example, some of you change your style completely when you go on a date. You stay on safe topics and avoid talking about yourself. You in turn become almost a completely different person.

When you express your authentic self, you remove everything you’ve been hiding behind. You will finally STOP over thinking what to say… you’ll just say what you’re feeling.  When you come to the Love Blueprint, I will teach you how to live in the moment; how to meet men and go on a date and without any outcome in mind.

Most people go into a date thinking, “I hope this is the one. I need to do everything in my power to not mess this up. This has to go perfect or Mr. Right won’t choose me.”

This is a self-destructive way to go into a date. You can’t know the person across the table is Mr. Right. Mr. Right is going to be Mr. Right for you. He’s going to want to get to know you, your sordid past, and most importantly he’ll want to grow with you as a person. It’s going to take time to reveal all of you. It’s going to take time to figure out if you’re right for one another.

It will take much longer if you’ve concealed yourself by pretending to be someone you’re not. In fact, it will NEVER HAPPEN.  I know you’re tired of dating. You don’t want to be single, and you’ve hoped and prayed that this would be the guy for a long time.  At the Love Blueprint, we open minds and by doing so change lives. Instantly. We enable you to understand and recognize you are the GIFT.

It’s the optimal way to date and to reveal yourself to a man. You date from the power of self love. You date from a place of expressing your true self. You date knowing YOU are a gift. You’re going to need dating insurance along the way. That’s where we, and the Love Blueprint comes in.

Your dating insurance is understanding exactly what someone is telling you when you’re dating them. How to read between the lines and know the person you’re sitting across from. Does this person want sex?

A relationship?

Or are they here to waist your time?

We all have a unique Love Blueprint. This weekend, in Los Angeles, was one of the most beautiful weekends I’ve ever been a part of. Men grew like never before, women expressed emotions they had always been afraid to, and everybody who was there left feeling better about themselves.  There’ll be one more Love Blueprint.  It’s the first weekend in March.

There are a few spots left.

Will it change your life?


Will you grow and begin to love who you really are?


Will you meet new friends?

Yes, for sure.

Might you find a romantic partner?

You never know… (you should have seen the ‘fireworks’ in the room last weekend)

You will be encouraged and feel completely free to express your deepest inner desires like never before. But most importantly, after you experience the Love Blueprint you will speak your authentic truth, to your partner, or when you’re on a date, wherever you are in your love life.

You will suddenly feel like you have an amazing super power, because YOU DO.  It’s time you found love. You are reading these articles on my site because you desire love. But love only finds you when you know how to ask the tough questions of the person sitting across from you. Imagine having dating insurance.

That’s the Love Blueprint.

You’ll be able to read exactly what the other person is telling you without them saying it. You’ll be able to get to their truth, even if they don’t know what their truth is.  The best part is, it’s so easy when you know the secret. Actions speak louder than words.

Walk the walk. Talk the talk. People who have attended the Love Blueprint leave knowing what they want and how to get it.