Yes guys, you read the title correctly…

“The Real Dangers Of Masturbation.” 

And I know there are some of you probably having a major anxiety attack right now, because you’re terrified of what I’m going to tell you. You’re horrified at the thought I’m about to tell you something that could force you to stop masturbating. 

Do you find the idea of living without masturbation terrible?

Is it fair to say that some of you maybe do it more often than most people?

But here’s the thing, and I talk about it in detail in the video below, but when you masturbate regularly you seriously decrease your energy levels. Think about how you feel after you’ve done it or had sex. Most the time you feel like you want to go to sleep or just bliss out. Trouble is when you sap your energy like that you’re in the worst state to meet women.

Whatever anybody says, masturbation can NEVER replace the feeling of being with a woman, and I want you to spend more time focussing on finding a girl you can be with in reality, not on your laptop screen!