have amazing sexThe other night I was talking to a friend of mine. He was telling me about a woman he’d been seeing for a few weeks. They’d started sleeping together, but something wasn’t right for him.

“She seems to like what I’m doing. She says she likes it anyway. I just don’t know if she’s coming. I mean, she moans a little bit. I hear a little moan and groan, and sometimes a little tremor.

When I play with her I feel everything get wet, but she’s driving me nuts. Am I making her come or not? I really want to know how to make her feel great.”

I laughed when he told me because I thought to myself, “Oh boy, women would have much better sex with men if they validated them more.”

Granted not every guy is a great lover. A lot of guys leave much to be desired, but if you just validate him a little, you’ll encourage him to do more of the good things you like.

See, men love validation. Men love to know they’ve done well. We can’t just assume because you moaned a little harder or groaned a little louder, or shook a little more than you’re actually climaxing.  Men need the verbal validation. We need to hear you say the words, “Oh baby you made me come so hard.”

Those simple words will give him so much confidence in bed it will blow your mind. He’ll want to be the best you’ve ever had. Hearing you say, “Oh my god, you’ve made me come 5 times tonight” will make him jump for joy.

Men are all about praise. We want to know. Men are about numbers, in the same way some women are with Facebook likes, or the followers you have on Twitter. We could care less about social media numbers. Our validation comes in orgasms.

Men seek validation in a whole different way than women. We seek validation from the people we’re close to, not strangers. So, the next time you start sleeping with a man, I strongly suggest you start validating him. Tell him how many times you came, tell him that you came really hard, or tell him you came super hard Saturday night, compared to Friday night.

Validate him because the more you validate him, the more he’s going to want to please you, the more he’s going to want to do the things to you that you love. And that is going to make your sex life with him so much better. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Even the guy who’s super confident and knows he’s great in bed needs validation. It makes us feel amazing. We feel like we’re floating the next day when we think what a turn on it was.

“I got her to come 5 times!”

Validate his hands, validate his tongue, and validate Mr. Penis. That way you’re going to end up with an amazing sex life that’s so much more fulfilling than you ever imagined!