Hello, all you beautiful, romantic women.

First off, you know how much I believe in love.

I may not be Huey Lewis and the News (remember that song? Do You Believe in Love?), but I’m certainly a man that has spent 20 years coaching you to have amazing love relationships.

But today, I want to talk about the power of Mr. Right Now.

I’m going to share something personal, which I rarely do.

I know whenever I am in a very intense relationship, I need something. Well, that’s really just a right now kind of relationship.

I usually spend a lot of time cleansing, figuring things out, dissecting what went wrong in the relationship, taking responsibility for the things that I caused.

Learning from my mistakes, learning from the relationship.

Because if you don’t learn from a relationship, you’re going to waste that relationship, and you’re just going to repeat that relationship all over again. So you’ll have to just literally have the same journey over and over and over again.

Usually, the first person I date after a serious relationship falls apart or a serious relationship ends.

They’re usually just Miss Right Now.

Somebody’s who’s really amazing, somebody who gives me the things that were lacking in my last relationship.

But they’re never somebody who’s really, well, the go-the-distance person.

They’re my healing relationship. They’re the ones that make me feel so good to be in the presence of a woman again after going through whatever I went through before, whether it was hard, tough, sad, emotional.


Miss Right Now is always the healing relationship.

But the problem that we have in society today is that…

Men and women — but mostly women — are looking for Mr. Forever.

When a relationship ends, you break down, you feel pain, hopefully you take the necessary steps to heal.

And then you’re ready for Mr. Forever.

You really want the next man that you fall in love with to be your forever man.

I get it. You’re emotionally wired that way. You’re programmed that way from birth, from your emotions, from movies, from Disney, from stories, and the list will just go on and on and on.

Sometimes, Mr. Forever doesn’t come for a while. Does that mean you should be alone?

Absolutely not.

That’s why sometimes you need to look for Mr. Right Now, just a guy who makes you feel good.

Maybe you’ve had a rough string of three bad relationships, and maybe you meet somebody who’s just Mr. Right Now, somebody who’s sweet and nice and warm and caring, but he’s not your forever man.

He’s just your Mr. Right Now man. It’s okay.

Sometimes, we need to heal with another person. Sometimes, we need to experience a Mr. Right Now.

I’ve been predominantly single the last four years. I’ve had many relationships, but I’ve had none that have really lasted long.

And that’s okay because I take things slow now. I allow someone to show up.

I get to know who they are. I listen to what they’re all about. I hang onto every single word.


Because I truly crave a great relationship, so I’m listening very carefully to who they are.

If we continue to go down that path together, maybe we will be each other’s Mr. and Mrs. Forever.

But, sometimes, sometimes, it’s amazing just to have Mr. or Ms. Right Now. They’re healing. They’re there for you, and they allow you to heal and to feel and to get closer to your Mr. Forever.