The “I’m Curious” Opener By Khiem

I was recently sitting with my main coach Khiem and he shared with me one of his simplest most easy rejection proof openers.
Without anymore fanfare heres Khiem.

Thanks David and Hello everyone.

Do you ever get stuck for an opener – you just don’t know what to say?

You see a woman standing in a supermarket, a bookstore, a jewelry store – hell, you could see her standing anywhere! So what do you do in that situation?

The “I’m curious” line is a great line that will open just about anybody. You are always curious about something, and when you are genuinely curious about people, they will tell you more about whatever you are interested in!

So let’s break it down a little bit for specific situations. She is standing in front of a clothing store, staring into the window. What would you say to her?

“So, I’m curious about what you’re looking at – you look so interested in something, what is it?” In any situation – a record store: “I’m curious, what are you looking at right now? What are you looking to buy?” She’s staring at produce in the supermarket: “I’m curious, what fruit do you want to buy?”

You can use that in every situation: “I’m curious, what are you looking at?” – “I’m curious, what has your attention?”

You can even add a little bit of assumption, saying, “I’m curious, you seem so engrossed in something, what is it you are doing?” Or, “I’m curious, I saw you doing this, why are you doing that?” You can add a little bit after the “I’m curious” bit to give it a story if you want – but by itself, it is just as powerful.

This is a very powerful way to open a woman because being curious means that she intrigues you as well – and really no one can shut you down for that!

Todays video goes even deeper into becoming a natural with women.
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