Meet marijuana.

The drug of procrastination is loved.

I was just driving by a weed store in LA and in front there was a well dressed man in his tie on a hot 82 degree morning and it said complimentary valet parking. That’s perfect for weed people because they’re so fucking stoned and lazy to begin with, so it’s perfect that they don’t ever have to go and walk to their car.  Just hand a joint to the man and the man will go and park your car for you.  

I’m not anti-marijuana.  I’ve had periods in my life where I smoked a lot of it.

Now I don’t really smoke any of it.  To me it’s a drug of procrastination.

It turns you into a complete procrastination mess.  Mentally, emotionally and physically.  Most marijuana people are – well, lazy.  

Granted a lot of NFL players smoke it because their body hurts so much and they’re in great physical shape…

But most marijuana people that I know that sit around and smoke pot on a Sunday all day long or smoke it every single night, they are basically procrastinating on everything in life.  

They’re usually smoking because they don’t want to deal with something that’s going on in their personal life.  Whether it’s work, business..  Weed dictates a whole new story.  There’s that weed rush, if you haven’t smoked pot.

It’s that false weed rush.  Yeah, like wow, I just figured everything out and you feel so great and you feel like you figured out the world but then again the next morning you don’t really fucking remember that you figured out the world because you’re no longer stoned and the clarity is no longer there.

Like I said, I’m not anti-marijuana.  I’m anti-anything that doesn’t give you clarity day by day.  I’m anti-anything that truly, to put it mildly, that truly stops you from doing the things and confronting the things that you really want to do in life.  

And that’s what I feel pot does.  I feel marijuana just puts you into this fake world.  This world of clarity and then un-clarity because if you ever smoked pot you wake up the very next morning, you’re a little grumpy, you’re a little out of it, you’re a little spacey – “un-clarity”.

I find that most people who smoke pot are are in a state of avoidance.  

They avoid most of the things in life.  They avoid the true feelings that they’re actually feeling.  They avoid the stuff that they actually don’t want to do and their homes tend to look a little bit more cluttered.  

Because their brain is cluttered non-stop by all the things that they’re trying to avoid by smoking the marijuana.  

Alcohol does the same thing.  I’m all about clarity.  Face your fears, face who you are and face then on a daily basis.  

You want to smoke a joint once in a blue moon, if you want to have fun so be it.  If you want to have an alcoholic drink beverage or a glass of wine once in awhile, so be it as long as you’re doing it not to escape.  The real truth here is you need to ask yourself:

When you light up that joint, take a hit of that vapor pen, have a drink of alcohol, are you doing it because you had a rough day, are you doing it because you’re avoiding something? Are you doing it because you can’t face your truth of your life? If the answer to that is yes and if you actually could be that truthful maybe it’s time to stop smoking pot, drinking alcohol and avoiding life because life is never to be avoided.  It’s a short ride.

You’re not promised everything.  You’re not promised longevity.  The other day I thought to myself as I was driving around – if I live 20 more years I’m 76.  That’s a long and good life.  20 more years I’m certainly not going to avoid things that I don’t want to confront.  Confronting things are more exciting.  Avoiding things are not.  Smoking pot to numb yourself on daily basis is not exciting.  It’s just lies.

Marijuana, alcohol are the greatest lies you’ll ever do because they prevent you from actually living and they keep you in this safe bubble of avoidance.