I can read fear the second I see it.

I’ve done so much work in so many large groups with so many different people, that I see fear right away.

It’s fun to watch a football game with me because I can predict fear on the football field.

Let me tell you something; in Super Bowl 50, the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers, I saw Cam Newton’s fear in the first quarter. The second they were down 10 to nothing, and Cam Newton was starting to get frustrated, I saw the fear.

The first time DeMarcus Ware hit him, I saw fear in his eyes.

The first time the locomotive train named Von Miller came around the outside and hit him, I saw fear.

You see, Cam was the MVP of the NFL this year. He basically walked through the year. He had a couple of tough games but most of the time, the Panthers rolled.

In the playoffs, the Steelers played dead and the Cardinals played dead. They were the ones with fear.Russell Wilson doesn’t sense fear at all. He was down too much and he just ran out of time.fear

But Cam? Cam had fear and I smelt it on him. Cam got hit hard, and when you get hit hard like that, it shakes you up. The defense can smell the fear.

A couple of weeks before that, Tom Brady was destroyed by the Broncos’ defense. Tom Brady had fear in his eyes but he still had determination. Brady still took the Patriots down the field three times in the fourth quarter, finally scoring what should have been the game-tying touchdown. But thanks to a few extra points that were missed, they had to go for a two-point conversion.

Tom Brady was definitely afraid of the Broncos’ rush, but it didn’t affect him. Sure, you don’t want to get hit, but he still had that determined look in his eyes.

Whenever you see Tom Brady, that’s what he is, determined. He doesn’t get that fearful look. He gets hit, he’s got the fear in his eyes and he erases it right away. He immediately becomes laser focused again.

Not Cam. Cam had so much fear in his eyes that by the time the fourth quarter fumble happened, there was no way he was diving into that pile. You fumbled the ball. It’s the Super Bowl and you’re standing there debating what to do.


Cam Newton is no different from a guy who stands and stares at a woman who’s sitting by herself at a bar and doesn’t approach her.


I see fear. I saw fear the whole game. When you’re sacked seven times, taken down another seventeen, and you threw the ball 41 times, that’s basically 24/41 times that you are getting hit.

The game, man. That’s what life is all about. Taking the punches. Taking the punches as they arise.

Cam Newton was taking the punches. He didn’t like getting punched and he started getting frustrated and started becoming fearful.

Many of you are fearful in life. Other people can smell it. Defenses like the Denver Broncos will take their ears, pin them back, and go after you. Once they know they’re in your head, once they know you’re full of fear, the game is over.

All Peyton Manning had to do was manage that game and that was it. He knew his defense had it. He knew his defense was great. All he had to do was manage that game.

It’s pretty amazing.


Every time you look at a woman, every time you’re out on a date, every time you go to a business meeting, if you’ve got fear in your eyes, the other person knows they have you and they don’t respect you anymore.

Whatever attraction you might have created is gone.


You watch the game again. Take a look in Cam Newton’s eyes and smell his fear, and work on your eyesight. Seriously, work on that power inside your eyes.

He wears a superman shirt, but as we all know, we all fear something. That is the beauty of being human.

Don’t disgrace him. He is just like anyone of us. He has his moments of fear and it so happens that his came in front of the world.

The next time you have fear, realize no one is watching but you.