Remember The Wizard of Oz? Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, la la la la la la la follow the yellow brick road.

It’s amazing how Dorothy just went in blindly and listened to the Munchkins singing “follow the yellow brick road.”

And yet, so many men listen to a munchkin that’s stuck between their pants.

A little man who hangs out with little nuts.

So many men literally listen to their dick, and their dick is always saying “follow the new woman, she is hot, la la la la la la la follow the new woman. She’s so hot, she’s always what you wanted physically whether or not you like what she says. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the new woman.”

Maybe my singing is a little off. Maybe they’re not going to make a movie about following your dick, but I have to tell you something. Whenever you follow your dick, you’re going to go down a really bad rabbit hole.

Here are 3 reasons why.

1. If you’re following your dick, you’re not clearly evaluating and collecting the information you need to find out about the person you’re dating.

Your dick is thinking about how hot she is.

Your dick is thinking how good it feels to connect with her.

Your dick is telling you this one’s amazing, this one’s hot. You love her body.

But the problem is your dick becomes such a powerful head that your head up above is not thinking clearly. Your heart is listening to your dick. Everything is listening to your dick. And if you think about it, your dick is this small little munchkin stuck between your pants that you should never ever follow because your dick lacks…

2. Abundance.

The woman that you think is so damn hot right now…there are a million of them running around. Yeah, you may think there’s not women that are that hot running around because the fact of the matter is you don’t have an abundant mind set. So your dick is telling your head, “hey look man, we’ve been waiting a long time to finally find a woman that looks like this. Ignore every warning sign because I am fully happy because she is hotter than anybody else, and I want to continue to feel happy.”

Listen. Read that out loud. That’s the essence of what your dick is actually saying.

Your dick is so insecure, your dick is such a juvenile creature inside your body that it’s actually convincing you like a little child that this is good for you. Which leads us to…

3. Your dick is like shrunken toddler.

It would eat sugar until it explodes.

It would eat more cupcakes and more candy at a party until it absolutely got sick. You’re feeding the most insecure, insignificant part of you, and you’re going for the physical and not the emotional. You’re not listening to anything. I know men who have married women because they followed their dick.

It’s not the way love works. Love doesn’t work by following the dick. Love works by listening to your heart, listening to your intuition, and listening to the voice that is clearly saying to you in your head, run.

I’ve been there. I’ve followed my dick. And let me know tell you something, every time I followed my dick when I was younger, I would go down a rabbit hole that would be hard to get out.

Because all of a sudden the person in front of me became the person that they were. You see, my dick got really tired of having that much sex.

My dick was exhausted. So all of a sudden my dick decided to just take a break and get some down time, literally.

And then all of a sudden I had to actually relate to the person that I was with. I had to actually see who they were and what they were all about, and guess what?

They clearly showed who they were because my dick was no longer intoxicated. And now I was in. I was committed. Committed to the relationship. How am I going to get out of this? All of a sudden I started having a voice. A voice that she never heard before, and she’d wonder, “who’s this?” And I looked at her and I said, this is really me.

You see, before, I was just talking through my dick. So you get the point. Stop following your dick because if you do, eventually you’re going to wake up and you’re not going to be happy.