halloween beautyDo you remember when we were little kids, the beauty of Halloween?  As a matter of fact, I’m going to remember it tonight as I take my daughter out and walk the streets in Marina del Ray. Literally dressing as, yes, you guessed it: “Olaf, the Snowman.”  See my little daughter has an infatuation with ‘Frozen’.  Last year it was Ariel, the year before that it’s a Bumble bee I think — or a Lady bug.

It’s amazing how beautiful Halloween is for kids.  The innocence, the fun, the characters in play, the costumes. Whenever I go out with my daughter I always wear something funny.  Like Uno from ‘Yo Gaba Gaba.’ This year I’ll be Olaf, and kids will come up to me and treat me as Olaf.  Then I’ll probably go to an adult party.  Adults are far more tacky on Halloween.

You’ve got the woman who really needs to feel naughty, hasn’t been naughty in so long, will dress up in a naughty little school girl costume.  Or the woman that likes to tease men, and she’ll do the same thing. Revealing a little too much skin, she’ll just walk around and do circles.

Costumes are funny.  I know when I go out on Halloween I’m always thinking to myself, why are women always playing such a devious role on Halloween’?  Yet most of the time, in real life, they’re reserved and miss every opportunity. Halloween’s funny because it brings out your inner naughty girl.  You get a little more playful on Halloween. You get a little more open on Halloween.  But then you shut that down the rest of the year, like you normally do.

To me it doesn’t make much sense.  Halloween is just another night.  It’s just another night to flirt, it’s another night to enjoy guys, it’s another night to go out and connect.  So I’d like to you to try something different on this Halloween weekend.  I’d like you when you wear a costume and find a man that you’re attracted to, be a more bold than you normally would be.

Instead of waiting for him to make the first move, come onto him a little bit.  A little more playful and a little more aggressive.  Do that with the man you’re most attracted to.  You see, anybody can hide behind their costume to flirt with men they’re not attracted to.  But tonight, flirt with the guy you’re most attracted to.  Be more daring at the Halloween parties with the guy you’re most attracted to.  Get out of that comfort zone that you’ve been in for so long.  The comfort zone that’s given you the same results over and over.

So whatever you decide to be this Halloween,I want you to be is the most daring version of you.  Try that, and let’s see what happens.