Recently a reader wrote this to me: “David, every day I’m in an elevator and I see someone I’m attracted to. What do I say to get their attention?”

The funny thing about an elevator is that you can walk into one where two people are talking and the second you walk in the conversation will cease. It’s almost like you’ve invaded their personal space, and no one knows what to do next.

One of my favorite “elevator openers” is this one – When you walk into an elevator and you see someone you’re attracted to, look at them and say:

“What is it about elevators that makes everyone so quiet? We all do the same thing in an elevator: we look at the buttons and say nothing. So, how are you today?”

I have said this almost every single time I’m in an elevator, and the response has been everything from full-on laughter to people telling me about their grandmother’s birthday cake recipe while riding up to the 28th floor.

So the next time you’re in an elevator, instead of staring at the same buttons every time, turn around and say the magic words above. Who knows? You may get invited to breakfast on the 21st floor…or you might get to sample grandmother’s birthday cake.