Shopping. It may not be a national pastime for you. But for women the signs in the window lure them in, just like instant replay gets you going in football.  30% off, 40% off, 50% off, new styles, limited edition. Women love shopping. If you really want to meet women, shopping is always a great place to find a lot of them. But there’s a mistake that most guys make.

One of the exercises we do in our boot camp is go into retail stores and practice flirting. I tell guys all the time that if you bore the retail girl you’ll know it instantly. There’s nothing more boring to a retail sales clerk than to fold clothes or to constantly be moving hangers around.  They’re looking for a distraction. They’re dying for a good conversation.

They’re bored.  They need to be stimulated.  I tell guys to walk in there and judge your conversation skills based on how long you can keep the sales girl talking about other things besides trying to sell you a shirt. Here’s another way to look at it.  How long does it take her to go back to folding clothes before you bore her?

This is a great way to practice your flirting skills.  Go into retail stores every single day and ask them how they’re doing.  Change the conversation from the clothes to about who they are. One of the best openers is to ask them is what inspired them to do retail?  “What about this line that you like better than any other one?”

And the line stands for not the line that you come up with but the line of clothing.

“Do you want to be a designer one day?”

There are some things that you can open them up with.  Or just ask them, “I’ve never seen these clothes before, what do you think would be the best style on me?”

And then as she talks, you listen and you transition the conversation. But there’s a big mistake that most guys make when they go in to this. It’s a great place to practice flirting. It’s a mistake that guys make on a regular basis. And once you make this mistake, you’re not going to be able to go back in that store again. Because it’s something that makes you look so awkward, it’s something that makes you look so insecure, and turns her off instantly.

Keep in mind, man, they are there for you to talk to. They’re great flirting practice. So you might as well practice.  Alright, I want you take a look at this big mistake that most guys make and I want you to look at that and ask yourself, do you do this?

I explained in detail how you can stop doing this really big mistake.