I know there’s a lot of women nowadays who don’t take their husbands’ last names when they get married. That used to be the tradition. Growing up, everybody had a sign in front of their house, The Williams.

Across the street was the Michaelsons.

The Downs were across the street from the Michaelsons.

The Silvers were next to the Williams.

The woman always took the husband’s last name. It was a right of passage. It was a ritual.

Now, there are really no names on anybody’s homes anymore. Why? Because people don’t want to really let you know that they live there, because they think there are crazy people all over the place. So why put your last name on the house?

And yet, you’ll put yourself all over Facebook and social media and expose yourself all over the place there and think that that’s safe.

Yeah, good luck with that fuckin’ thinking.

I’d rather put my name on the house and take my chances with the crazy people who drive who drive by than all the psychotic people who sit around on the Internet 24/7 with no life. They’re scarier than the people who are doing drive-bys.

But it’s amazing. Nobody really takes anybody’s last name anymore.

People just aren’t doing it. Right now we are just keeping our own names.

People don’t seem to want to just take the last name and be the family anymore.

Then again, marriages aren’t lasting anyway, so why bother taking somebody’s name when the marriage isn’t going to last in the first place, right?

How do you feel about taking last names?

Do you believe in the old tradition of having the name on the side of the house and becoming one with your family? Or do you keep the last name?

What do you feel about that?

I’m curious on your thoughts.