Take a look at the New England Patriots.

The Boston Red Sox.

The New York Yankees.

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

When you think of those franchises, do you think winners?

You think of a team that every single year seems to be winning.

Well, I know all these teams have in common…

Well, they all have great management.

The general manager. The guy who assembles all the talent.

The guy who hires the scouts who oversee the operation, who then make the determination based on all the information that all the people below him bring him in order to pick the right bodies and bring them onto the team.

The GM generally is just a really smart man who runs a lot of smart people. In fact, he is so smart that he is able to really hire the best people underneath him.

Now let’s go to the coach.

Bill Parcells.

Mike Tomlin.

Joe Girardi.

and John Farrell from the Red Sox.

JohnFarrell would probably be in the weakest coach of all those coaches.

Look at him, though.

Is he a genius? Because people have called him that.

Does he know how to motivate correctly?

The great Bill Parcells would get the best out of every single player, pushing all the buttons he needed to push every single week.

Bill seems to always, always, always have something that great coaches have. And what’s that?

Once again, just like the GM, they hire great people to make them look better.

Josh McDaniels – the best offensive coordinator in football year in and year out.

People will then say, well he’s got Tom Brady.

But even without Brady last year, with Jimmy Garoppolo being the quarterback, the Pats didn’t seem to miss a beat at all.

So what is it about these organizations, these teams?

How do they win year in and year out?

And how easy is it to win year in and year out?

It’s actually harder to stay on top than to get on top.

Every year, there’s always that team that came out of nowhere.

Like the Atlanta Falcons last year.

There’s always that team that can come out of nowhere. A team that can just seem to put it all together for one year and then they go back to mediocrity.

If you look at life the same way, there’s some people that seem to have one good year of making money. They seem to be able to put everything together that year.

They seem to make the right calls.

The right decisions.

Their wife or significant other supported them that year.

Everything was aligned perfectly that year for them to have that, but as you all know…

In the real world, it’s harder to stay on top than it is to go and be on top in a brief moment.

There’s a saying out there that everybody has their five minutes of fame, and it’s probably true in sports, as well as in life in general.

You may not be famous and may not become the bachelor or the bachelorette on a TV show.

You may not be able to get 2M YouTube views for each video you put out. But eventually, everybody has their five minutes of fame.

Everybody has that moment where they will actually be the “it” person. They’ll have that winning season.

So, what happens? And how do you stay on top?

That’s where the work comes in assembling great people underneath you — people who will support your goals, support your dreams.

Hiring the right people. Making decisions and not being afraid to make a decision.

Because if you look at every great coach, the decisions that they make get scrutinized non-stop.

People can’t believe they made that call with that little time left on the clock. If they made another call, they wouldn’t have lost the game.

But great coaches understand that with every great call there’s a bad call. And for every game you win, there’s a game you’re eventually going to lose.

You see, if you don’t take a chance in life at all, you’re never going to be able to assemble the winners underneath you.

Because life is about taking chances. Life is literally about saying to yourself, I’m going to take a chance today.

I’m going to do something I’ve never done today.

I’m going to get rid of my old habits of thinking and I’m going to go on my way to being the winner that I want to be.

Anybody can have their moment, but in order to stay on top, you got to have the right team.

And you know what? That team starts with you.