Have you noticed women seem to make a deliberate effort to avoid you in the street?

You pluck up the courage to walk over and say something to them, but the moment they see you coming they suddenly start playing on their phone, or even get up and move?

Now, of course, SOME of you will say, “It’s because I’m short and fat. Women don’t do it to you because you’re tall and good looking.”

Of course, that’s completely ridiculous. There are millions of short, average looking men who have lovely girlfriends. So let’s not turn this into another “Only rich good looking guys get women” debate because it’s all a load of horse crap.

So why do women avoid you? What is it you’re doing to scare women away before you even open your mouth?

The answer is simple…

It’s all about poor body language and the way you hold yourself. If you approach a woman with your shoulders hunched, looking all around you, shuffling like you wet yourself, and looking really awkward, she’s going to think you’re some sort of escaped serial killer like the guy from “The Red Dragon” or something. Think about it this way. You’re about to do a charity sky dive. You have a choice of two instructors to jump with. The first guy comes shuffling towards you with his kit. He won’t look you in the eye. He mumbles his words. He gives you the limpest handshake in the world. And there’s a bead of sweat rolling down his cheek.

The second instructor is confident, strides over to you with a big smile. Gives you a strong handshake and in a bold voice says, “Hi. Are you excited? Looking forward to diving today?”

Which guy are you going to want to jump with?

Obviously, the shy guy hasn’t killed himself so he must know what he’s doing, but the second guy is still going to make you feel more confident and safe. Maybe not the ideal example but I’m sure you get the point. Think about the way you hold yourself when you’re in public. Are your shoulders back? Are you standing your ground? Do you look uneasy? Are you maintaining eye contact?

All these things make a huge difference to the way you look, and to the first impression a woman has of you. If you make her feel uneasy from the get go what chance do you think you have of attracting her? And I see it all the time from guys in public. One of my favorite things guys do in places like the mall or the farmers market is the “creepy guy twirl.”

In the video below, I reveal what the “creepy guy twirl” is, and show you how to eliminate all creepiness from your public approaches again. Approaching and meeting women isn’t all about looks, and it isn’t even about the things you say. It’s a combination of all these things that add up to the total package. Make sure your body language isn’t letting you down.