How many of you are hiding?

Hiding behind weight.

Hiding behind fears.

Hiding behind excuses.

Every day someone will contact me about coaching.

I’ll explain the program to them and then they’ll be inspired.

I’m good at that. I can definitely give you a vision of what your life could be like.

So people will hear that, and they’ll feel a new sense of focus.

And then they’ll hide behind the excuse.

They don’t have the money right now.


They don’t have the money to change.

They have the money, they just don’t want to give up the Doritos.

And the Starbucks.

The fear.

The excuses.

If you remember the movie The Sixth Sense, the little kid says “I see dead people.”

Well, I see bullshit people, and I call people out every single day.

The money excuse? Give me a break. There is no price to pay for complete emotional freedom.

There’s no price to pay to be fully free from the stories that have plagued you in your life.

There’s no price to pay for any of that.

Imagine if somebody gave you a full on guarantee, because that’s what people are always looking for. We want a written guarantee. A money back guarantee.

We’ve been marketed to death, but there are no guarantees in life. The only guarantee is this: if you don’t make changes, you don’t get inspired, you don’t lose your fears, guess what happens?

You’ll continue to put weight on.

You’ll continue to be alone.

You’ll continue to not have the money.

That much is true. That much I can personally guarantee.

It’s easy to guarantee that, because I’ve seen it over and over again.

It’s all the excuses. Man, how does it feel living in excuse land?

How does it feel, every single day, to wake up full of excuses instead of full joy and happiness and having a life that’s full of potential and joy.

How does it feel to be you?

If this pertains to you, how does it feel to be full of excuses.

I hear it all the time.

People will give you excuses why they can’t do the things they need to do.

They’ll hire somebody to do a job and they’ll give you excuses instead of looking in the mirror and realizing that it was them that actually caused the business to actually do exactly what it was not going to ever do.

We look in the mirror and we see our bullshit every single day, but we like to make excuses and create stories around it. Because we feel like if we have a neat little story around something, it makes it all okay.

I choose to wake up to feel inspired.

I choose to wake up to feel motivated.

I choose to wake up every single day to look at my bullshit and realize what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

And when it comes to what I’m doing wrong, I choose to go out and seek help.

I spend money on coaching. I spend money on advice.

I don’t spend money on vices. I spend money on advice, because that to me is the greatest lesson.

Look at yourself as a project.

You’re a building that’s falling apart because you’re so cheap.

You won’t change the tiles on the roof.

You won’t fix the leaks in the faucets.

You’re just a building in the ghetto, literally falling apart day-by-day because you’re choosing not to fix the things that you need to fix day-by-day.

Imagine if you were actually were walking into the building called you.

You know what you would do? You would walk out.

Too many bugs crawling out of the hole, too many leaks in the ceiling, too many holes in the wall.

You wouldn’t rent from you.

Maybe look at yourself that way, and finally you’ll get off your fear-based ass and do something about it.

Here’s a fun fact: most of my coaching packages actually cost LESS than a YEAR’s worth of a small cup of Starbucks coffee every day.

If you’re done with the excuses, if you want to invest in yourself, click the link(s) below: