Over the last six months, I’ve been learning how to trade stocks and cryptocurrency and other things.

I woke up in January and I said to myself, I’m either going to learn a new venture or my brain is going to shut down.

To me, life is all about challenging yourself, and I find a lot of people just don’t do that.  I’ve coached thousands of people, and a lot of people just don’t do what I ask them to do.  They’ll do it for a day, and then they’ll stop.  They’ll do it for a week, and then they’ll stop.  They’ll start up again a month or two later, and then they’ll stop.

That’s not how you get good at anything.  You don’t get good at anything that you’re constantly starting and stopping.  It’s actually impossible.

You see, you get really good when you consistently do something.  People always wonder, well, how did Tom Brady become so good?  Well, he practiced every single day.

He practiced the same patterns over and over again every single day.

He allowed himself to fail.

And then what did he do from there?

He stayed consistent. He got good at the game.

The reason why so many people fail is that they try something for an hour, and then they stop.

Then they try it for another hour, and then they stop.  Then they try it for a week, and then they take a week off. Life never slows down for them.  To me, life gets really slow when I start doing things over and over and over again.  That’s the only way to become successful at anything you’re doing.  You need to do it over and over again so you start recognizing the patterns, the situations, and once you notice the patterns and situations you start to trust yourself more and more.

The more you trust yourself, the better you’ll get at anything.  But if you continue to try something and stop and try something and stop, nothing in your life is ever going to change.  Ever.

You’ll just continue getting the same results you always got day in and day out, because if you don’t put in the time, you don’t put in the effort.

And when you don’t continually do the things day in and day out, those patterns are never going to show up for you.  See, when you’re learning something, which you probably are right now because all of us are constantly learning something on a daily basis, you’ve got to learn something every single day.  When you learn something every single day, there’s going to be, well, good days and bad days, rough days, tough days.

You’re going to constantly have to work at it.  You’re going to constantly have to work at things over and over and over again to get good at it.  So, the fact of the matter is that if you’re not putting in the time and effort, the patterns of life are never going to slow down, and you’re going to constantly have to restart over and over.  Only you are holding yourself back.  That’s it.  Only you.  You hold yourself accountable and responsible.  It’s up to you to continue to do it, no matter how great of a coach you may have.

Nothing is going to change for you until you hold yourself accountable.  No coach can keep pushing you and pushing you.  They can give you the foundation, but if you don’t do the work, you won’t get where you want to get.  You have to push yourself.
I can only guide you.