Today, we’re going to do something different.

I know you’d love nothing more than to stare at a YouTube video of my beautiful face, but today that’s not necessary. Because today’s video is all about observation.

I want you to watch the video below, and I want you to literally observe everything.

And I want you to do the little exercise I explain to you here where you write down your observations…

…because you see, everything you’ll ever need in life is right in front of you.

But you don’t observe. You’re not aware of it, because you’re stuck on your iPhone. You’re stuck on Instagram, on Facebook looking at memes all day.

But it’s all right here. The love of your life is right here. The job you want and the wealth you so desire… it’s all right in front of you.

And that’s what you’ll realize once you learn the simple power of observation.

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