Now that you have her in your bedroom, what do you do with her now? That is, what do you do with her besides obviously ripping her clothes off and doing some serious penetration which, by the way, without foreplay is the wrong thing to do.

But this blog is not about foreplay…at least not in the physical sense. It’s about foreplay in the music sense. Whatever your lovemaking skills are, either good or bad, all of us can use a little help when it comes down to setting the mood.

The first thing you need to do in your bedroom is to make sure she doesn’t trip over the wires of your Xbox on the way to your bed. Nothing turns a woman off more than Madden NFL 08 playing on the tv screen right before you’re about to do the nasty. What she’d rather do is walk into a den of iniquity. If you desire to hear her “ooh and ahh” before you get her naked, here are a few quick suggestions to get her really turned on to getting naked:

Make sure your bed has clean sheets. If you can see the outline of your body on your sheets, it’s time to clean the sheets. Also, invest in a good pair of 500 or more thread count sheets. You want her to feel how great it is to lay in that bed of yours. It’s all about creating the mood and, of course, getting her to come back for more.

Buy some really nice scented candles and light them before she goes into your bedroom, thus setting the mood.

A nice bottle of massage oil by the bed is always a nice added touch. Not only will this make her think she’s going to get a massage, but chances are she might massage you.

And, of course, MUSIC!!! You want to create a soundtrack for your sexual encounter. You want to do this because whenever she hears those songs when she’s not with you, she’s going to think of all the fun things you did to her in the candlelit darkness of your bedroom.

Let’s talk more about the music. Don’t be a cliché and put on Marvin Gaye, the seductive crooner who had a great run. You need to dig deeper and come up with something more original, thus once again distinguishing yourself from all the other guys.

So for instance, let’s say this is the first time you’re having sex with her. You need to play your “first date soundtrack.” Play something that you know she’s going to like. If you’ve been paying attention to the details in your conversations with her, you already know what kind of music that is. By playing music she likes, she’s going to be very comfortable in the bedroom. Remember, the first time she has sex with you she’s going to be nervous, so she wants something soothing. That’s why I talk about the sheets, the candles and the music playing in the background.

If this is someone with whom you’re already in a relationship and you want some “quickie sex,” the music you choose should be upbeat. Choose something like the music of The Killers. Do not play Paris Hilton singing if you remotely expect her to get moist. One last forget about it….Never ever play Brittany Spears. Look I can have a sense of humor it keeps me happy. Sing that last line out loud to yourself…It Keeps Me Happy….What TV show played that song over and over again in the 70s?

Think hard. Heres’ a hint: David Cassidy when he was the lead singer for Americas favorite bus band The Partridge Family. What a show! Who knew that Danny Bonaduce the fiery red head would later turn into a drug addicted hooker chasing crazy DJ. Then again what else do child stars turn into besides drug addicts and drunks.I always see Nicholas from Eight is Enough shopping at my local Whole Foods. He was once arrested for stealing drugs from a Longs.

Gotta love living in Los Angeles!!!

Anyway back to the music.

Let’s say you’re already in a relationship with someone and it’s the first time you’re going to have sex with her. I like to play either Buddha Bar CD’s or Hotel Costes music, i.e., kind of an eclectic mix of world music that’s relaxing and soothing. You don’t want to put on Kansas “Left Overture” or Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” the first time you’re having sex with someone you’ve been romancing.

So keep that iPod full of all types of music for all types of sexual encounters. When in doubt, if you’re a voyeuristic person hire a DJ to mix your next sexual event. And if you took that last line seriously, I know a few good swinger parties at which you can hang out.