Every day, I get texts from women that I’m coaching and you know what these texts say? I’m going to read it exactly.

David, what do I do with this jerk?

The first e-mail or text to me on Match.com, Bumble, Tinder, doesn’t make a difference.

Always seems to be the same. There’s always a guy that — or a few guys that are going to send a picture of their dick.

Are you kidding me!? is what I say to the men in this world. Do you have any idea what seduction, dating, and attraction is all about?

Yeah. That’s what a woman wants to see in high quality.

A picture of your penis!

A picture of your balls!

A picture of pubic hair!

Are you kidding me? Women have zero interest in that! It doesn’t turn them on, it makes their stomach turn. Do you want to know what they say when you send them a dick pic?

I think you’re the biggest idiot in the entire world. I can’t believe that you’re such a jerk and you would send that.

And you know what it does when you send these ridiculous pictures or videos? You ruin online dating for everybody else.

I’m sure once in a blue moon, you’ll get a woman who is under the influence of some type of high level alcohol consumption and she looks at the dick pic and thinks to herself, yeah, I want to get down. But maybe one out of 100 might say yes.

That’s certainly not good odds to me. It’s certainly a little odd that men do that. Men that do that have no idea what seduction and dating is all about, and the men that do that poo poo coaching.

I use the word because if this article is you and you are the one sending the dick pic, you’re really no different than a five year old who still thinks it’s funny to show his penis to people. You still probably find fart humor and poopoo humor really funny, so that’s why I’m speaking to you like the toddler you are.

You’re literally a toddler in dating. You’re ridiculously immature. You don’t understand what women are looking for.

Why am I being so harsh? Because deep down, you’re probably a good guy once we scratch the dick surface of you. I want to see you succeed in meeting women. Hell, even if you want to just get laid, I want to at least see you get that.

Women don’t want to see dick pics. They want to see you. Women don’t want dirty talk right from the get-go, they want to feel safe.

Women want to connect emotionally with your head and not your little head.

And remember, Mr. Dick Pic, if you think about it a dick,

What is a dick’s best friend?

Think about this. A dick hangs out with two balls all day long and lives next door to an asshole.

So guess what? Guess who the asshole is? You! You’re the asshole! You’re looked upon as an idiot. She’s not looking at that picture and getting excited. She’s looking at that pictures and she’s picking her finger down her throat.

If you really, truly want to succeed in online dating, Mr. Dick Pic, and you really want to succeed in attracting women on Bumble and Tinder, Mr. Dick Pic, I strongly suggest you stop acting like a toddler and start acting like a man. End of rant.