Are you a repeater?  Or, to put it better:

Do you constantly have the same lessons given to you over and over again, and yet you don’t seem to ever get them right?  You’re a repeater.

I’ve been coaching for 20 years, and I’ll somebody something, and they’ll be like, man, I thought you were going to tell me something so different.  I’ve heard this before.

If you’ve heard it before, why have you not done anything with it?

That’s a big thing for a lot of people.  A lot of people will come to me for coaching, and I’ll repeat things they’ve heard throughout their life, but they weren’t ready to hear and listen.

As human beings, we repeat things over and over and over again, the same mistakes.  They keep compounding and compounding.

Until we finally lose our minds and say, I’ve had enough.

I can’t take it anymore.

I can’t stand this cycle.

And then we go to a coach and we read a book and we go to therapy, and the therapist and the coach or the book literally tells us the exact same thing we’ve been hearing. At that moment, we think to ourselves, man, I don’t understand.  I thought that they were going to say something so different.  I’ve already heard this before.

And the answer always is, then why have you not listened to it?  When we get in the repeat cycle of life, when we have the same issues, because that’s what human nature is.  We keep the same issues coming up over and over again.  The big question always is, why are you not listening?  Why does it take somebody five, six, seven times to go and get something right?  Because we’re human beings.  Because we’re stubborn.
Because we need to hear things more than once, because we can’t believe we’re going to make this mistake again.  Not that we mean to repeat the cycle.  We actually, when we hear the mistake, we actually say to ourselves, oh, I’ll take care of this.  I’ve done this before.  The problem is, once something becomes a pattern, it’s hard to get out of the pattern, even if you’ve heard it five, six, seven times.  That’s why, eventually, you have to run into somebody like myself who’s going to coach you out of it.

Or you just can’t take it anymore and you coach yourself out of it.  We repeat the same mistakes because we as human beings don’t believe we actually are not getting past these mistakes.  Interesting, isn’t it?  So right now, down below, I want you to write something down.  I want you to write what your mistake is that you repeat over and over and over again.