There’s a lot texting going on today’s dating culture.

A lot of people incessantly text all day long, having full-blown conversations throughout the entire day, and never reach for the phone at all.

There’s so many people out there that are actually having relationships, where they never hear a voice. It’s all just texting non-stop.

Well let me tell you right now how to properly text.

And how powerful texting really is when you use it correctly.

Texting is used to keep you in each other’s life throughout the day.

That’s how to properly text.

It’s great to start the morning with a “good morning, how did you sleep?” text.

Or “good morning, I’m thinking about you” text.

Or “what’s going on this morning? What’s going on in your world this morning” text.

Texting is good around 11:00 in the morning to check back in. Hey, how’s your morning going? How is that class that you took? How was your workout?

How is that meeting that you had?

Just to check back in and just exchange how your day is going.

I like the 2:00 in the afternoon text.

Where you check back in again and ask them how the day’s progressing, or did the meeting turn out to be exactly what you thought?

Or how were the kids when you picked them up at school.

Whatever it is, you’re constantly kind of checking in, and really sharing your day.

There is a good random thought that you have that you want to share with somebody, and yet, don’t want to interrupt them at work text.

That’s a gray text, where you literally will say hey, I was thinking about something, and I wanted to share it with you.

That’s what I call the “include the other person in your life” text, so you keep the connection going.

Then there’s a late afternoon text, where you find out how the whole day turned out.

Texting throughout the day, every couple hours, keeps you abreast of each other. Not only that, you get to know how each other is spending the day, and it’s also telling the other person that you’re thinking about them.

That’s how texting should be done.

And then, there’s always the text later on in the evening, where you learn that texting is a great way to say:

Hey, what are you doing right now? Let’s talk.

Then it’s beautiful to sit on the phone and just talk to them for a little while, and really hear their voice and connect with them even more.

And then there’s always the good night text, which is really nice if you didn’t talk. “Hey, thinking about you.”

“Sweet dreams.”

“Night night.”

Texting is to keep each other abreast of what each other is doing in your life.

Things you should never do on texting? I’ll talk about that more in another article.

But what you should do…
Send pictures.

See something that both of you like.

You see a movie poster with a movie that you both want to see.

You see something funny.

You can send a voice text while you’re driving, so while they’re cooking dinner they can listen to a voice text.

You can send a little video clip of you saying hi, how are you?

Those are things that you do when you’re texting. It’s just keeping each other involved in each other’s lives so you continually connect and build the relationship. I’ll talk tomorrow about what not to do in texting.