I’ve got to tell you.

My girlfriend is beyond self aware.

It’s so wonderful to be in a relationship with somebody who’s so self aware, and is always looking at the bigger picture.

She teaches me a lot of great lessons.

She teaches me to be more accountable for who I am as a person. More accountable for my actions. More accountable for my words.

It’s a wonderful relationship to be in.

When you hold yourself accountable, you’re not blaming others for anything that you are doing.

Your choices, your actions play out exactly the way they should.

You literally become much more in-tune with your life. In-tune with who you are. In-tune with where you’re about. In-tune with your choices.

Self awareness means everything, because it means that you’re fully living your life.

You’re not looking for handouts.

You’re not looking for other people to make you happy.

You’re not looking for anybody to blame for your choices and actions.

You’re just self aware.

You realize that, for every choice that you make, every word that you spit out of your mouth, you will have repercussion, and it will effect not only yourself, but other people.

Your awareness of what you do physically and emotionally will affect not only yourself, but other people.

It really is the key to enlightenment.

When you’re enlightened, you’re self aware.

When you’re self aware, you’re able to really live a more fulfilling left.

It’s holding yourself accountable every single day for all of your words and actions.

That’s so incredibly sexy to me.

That, to me, is what life really is all about.

Holding yourself accountable for all of the actions that you do.

Not blaming others, but only looking at yourself.

Self awareness is exactly how we all really need to live in order to evolve and to grow and to be the most powerful versions of ourselves.

Otherwise, when we don’t hold ourselves accountable, and we’re looking for other people to hold accountable, you’re basically pushing your life, your misfortune, your entire existence in other people’s hands.

Hold yourself accountable for everything.

There’s a client of mine who has trouble meeting with the opposite sex (what a shock).

But I at least tell him that he needs to hold himself accountable for everything.

He’s been given the to be able to approach, to grow, and to meet great women.

He needs to hold himself accountable every single day in order to get past his fears.

Whatever you want in life, you need to hold yourself accountable.

You can go to a coach, a therapist, your best friend can have your back, but you’ve got to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Hold yourself accountable for everything in your life because it’s the only way that we have enlightened growth. It’s the only way that we ever fully grow.

Think about it, and I’ll see you tomorrow.