Man, screw texting.

All of you just want to sit there and stare at your phone and type into a little screen.

Have Apple or the iPhone or the Android, autocorrect, so fucking becomes ducking, and other weird words change.

Do you want to seriously meet somebody?

Do you want to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend?

Well, if you do, then you need to pick up that device that’s in your hand right now, that you’re most likely reading this article from.

That’s right, that thing that’s called a “smartphone.”

There’s something on that smartphone that is called a dial pad.

It’s that little thing with kind of a hand-held — it kind of looks like a phone, you know that icon down there.

Find it, press it, and take a look what happens. There’s numbers you can actually dial.

I know, we don’t remember anybody’s numbers anymore. But, there are actually numbers you can dial.

You can actually use it to make a phone call.

Get on the phone.

Stop texting. I don’t care if you’ve met somebody on an online dating app or an online dating site and you’re getting into a great text conversation and you guys are getting along — but it’s still just words on a screen.

You see, romance was never about falling in love with words on a screen.

Romance is eye to eye, face to face, mouth to ear.

Get on the phone, and get into a good, old-fashioned, long conversation where you can talk and explore each other’s minds.

AT&T had it right when they “said reach out and touch someone.”

They never said reach out and text someone.

I don’t know about you, but every single time I actually pick up the phone and get into a long conversation with somebody, a conversation that lasts for hours. Immediately I feel like we can have a relationship because our energy is a light. We’re resonating with each other, we’re communicating with each other.

If you desire relationships, get on the phone and talk.

Communicate. Hear each other. It’s the only way you’re going to get excited by one another.

Words on a screen? Please.

Talk to each other. Bring back the phone call. If you seriously want to find love in your life, then you’re going to need to get on the phone and actually talk to people. I’ve never heard anybody that said they fell in love via text.

You fall in love via words, you fall in love via hearing someone’s voice. You fall in love hearing what they’re about.

You fall in love sharing long stories, not words on a screen.

I’m sorry, but if someone texts me a long story or tells me that long story, do you know which one resonates with me?

Do you know which one makes my heart go pitter pat?

Do you know the one that makes me fall in love?

Hearing her voice, the way she tells that story. The way she laughs at herself. The way she reflects. You learn so much by talking on the phone. Stop fearing it. It’s really what we all used to do.

When I was in my 20s in New York City, I used to get on the phone at night and call girls that I met. Phone numbers that I got as I was walking down the streets of Manhattan. I’d call somebody on the phone to see, well, whether or not we related to one another. Whether or not we vibe one another. Whether or not we connected with one another. Pick up the phone and talk to each other. It’s the only way you’re ever going to fall in love.

My Bumble profile is funny. Its says who believes in love at first text? Making jokes of modern romance.

I might be able to intrigue somebody via first text and you might be able to intrigue me back. But until we talk on the phone, we’re never going to know what each others’ heart sounds like. Reach out and pick up the damn phone and call somebody. It is called a smartphone for a reason.

It’s not called the smart-texting device.