You will definitely want to see how two of my coaches pick up a hot girl at Venice Beach.

This wingman technique will definitely explode your dating life and it’s easy to copy and implement right now.

During the summer I went out with my camera.

I took my two coaches, Frank and Oz, to Venice Beach. For instructional purposes I thought it would be great for you guys to see how two guys work off each other, complement one another, and do what I consider a perfect wingman job of getting a woman interested.

A lot of guys go out together, and this is one of the biggest mistakes they make. They go out together and compete for a girl.

I’ve seen it so many times when I’m sitting at a bar or restaurant. One guy will approach and the next guy will come over and instead of complementing his friend, he’ll start competing with his friend.

To me, that’s a lack of abundance mindset.

When you have an abundant mindset, you’re supporting your friend, you’re not competing with him, and that’s the key to being a good wingman.

When you support your friend, you’re supporting him because you know there are many other women who you can meet.

Not only that, when a woman is talking to two guys, she sees the dynamic between the two of you. If she feels like the two of you are competing, she actually gets turned on for a second because she loves the extra attention. But then she gets turned off because it shows her that both of you suffer from a deep rooted insecurity.

I remember one of the funniest times I ever competed with somebody. I was on the beach. I was 21 years old.

Her name was Maria Prieve. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was leaving the beach. I had seen her there all day. She was sitting by herself on a blanket. My friend Mark was with me.

I said I’m going to go talk to her. We’ve been looking at her all day long and I need to go talk to her.

He said go for it.

I go over to her and sit down. We start talking and have a great conversation.

After about three minutes my friend Mark comes over.

He sits down too, joins in the conversation and has a competitive edge about him.

Meanwhile, I have her laughing, excited to meet me. It was real simple.

I felt Mark’s energy and I knew he was about to ruin the conversation.

So what did I do?

I looked at her and I said, let’s get together. I want to take you

She said, I would love to.

She handed me her number, pre cell phone days, and all was good. I looked at her and said I’ll call you tomorrow. She said great.

Then all of a sudden, my friend Mark did what you never, ever, should do. He looked at her and said hey, can I have your autograph too.

She looked at him and said, what? He said give me your number also.

I was fuming inside. I was pissed. I was angry. He just took the bro code and smashed it and destroyed it right then and there.

She didn’t know what to do. She awkwardly gave him the number.

When we left I looked at him and I said what the hell did you just do?

I got her number too. We can both go out with her.

I said, no we both can’t go out with her. I went up and I talked to her because you didn’t have the guts to talk to her. You said go for it.

The rule of thumb is to support your friends. You don’t go in there and ask for a phone number right after your friend got it.

The next day I went into Manhattan. I had a summer job.

I called my friend from the office.

I said you need to meet me when I get home, in my driveway.

I looked at Maria’s number all day long.

She’s one of the hottest girls I met that summer. But I knew our friendship was something more important than just meeting a girl that I probably wouldn’t see that often after I went back to college in the fall.

He met me. I got off the train at 6.13. He was waiting in my driveway at 6.20 as I got there.

I pulled in. I got out of my car. He got out of his car.

I looked at him and I said listen, we’re friends. When one guy goes over and talks to a woman and gets her number, the other one should do nothing but support him. You were an idiot. You don’t do this. There’s no competition.

He gave me this Mark look. Looking down at the ground.

He apologized.

He said what are we going to do.

And I said our friendship means more to me than a girl. So, give me her number.

He handed me the number. I took it and I ripped it into little pieces and threw it up into the air. I said let’s go out and have a drink and support one another tonight and meet some new girls.

Today’s video will break down and show you what winging is all about. How to successfully wing so you’re not competing.

Make sure you don’t have a Mark Letterman, Maria Preive moment in your future.