As you get older – you begin to understand the value of persistence. The value of moving through failures

You hear what they’re saying, you don’t just fall for words anymore; you listen to the actions behind it. Why? Because experience has taught us that. Experience has taught us to look at things over a long range project, over a long-term thing, it tells a story.

One of the great things Jason Bond has taught me was to take a look at a stock chart as a story.

Analyze the last year, what does the story say?

Analyze the five minute chart, what does the story say today?

Analyze the last week, what does the story say?

Because we’ve talked about persistence, and we’ve talked about MSI – this is a webinar you need to watch.

You see, everything is a story; everything that we do in life is a story, and if you can put it into those terms, you’re going to understand it, you’re going to listen to what people say, you’re going to hear this story, then you’re going to take a look at their actions, and if their actions don’t match their words, then you’re going to know to get out of that story and get into another one.

Reread that last paragraph, it was heavy and chalked full of powerful meaning. You CHOOSE, how you perceive what’s happening around you and to you.

As you get older you’ve got the wisdom and the knowledge to be patient. You also know that in order to be successful in anything, there’s going to be daily failures, daily moments of holy shit, what am I doing? And sheer, unbridled panic.

Daily moments of, wow; and the thought, I’m not really very good at this quite yet. But anything you do and anything you put your mind to and anything you stick out, I guarantee you’ll be good at. And if you’re really committed – you’ll get GREAT at it.

You just have to get through the oh shit moments to really enjoy the wow moments, and you have to align yourself with people who are really good at teaching those moments to you. I enjoy getting older; the wisdom is great, the knowledge that I have is really fun to have and the ability to succeed in whatever I choose to do is truly amazing because I couldn’t say that 30 years ago. But because of all the experience and all the businesses that I’ve had, I haven’t failed, really, at anything.

Have I had moments of failure?

Absolutely. Have I had moments where I would doubt myself and moments where I thought I was crazy for doing what I was doing? Absolutely, I’m human. But I also know that when I stick anything out, I will succeed in it.

How do you measure success?

Some people measure it with the amount of money they make, some people measure it with the amount of fame they have, some people measure it with the amount of love they have in a relationship, but anything that I put my mind to, I’ve succeeded far more than I thought I would. And I only can say that to you because of all the life experience I have.

So, the next time you’re doing something that’s new and going through new things, I strongly suggest you explore patience. Don’t give up right away; don’t give up so quickly because success could be the very next day. Stick with it, and realize the ups and downs are there to teach you how to master whatever you’re doing.