Summertime is a great time to reflect.

Warm days, long nights.

So what I want you to do tonight is reflect.

I want you to grab a pen and a piece of paper and sit outside.

Sit on your balcony if you live in a city, or go to a park if you don’t have a balcony.  Sit in your yard, or sit by the water, a lake, an ocean, a pool, or bay—whatever it might be.

Find somewhere that brings you inner piece and beauty.  Go there around 7:00pm at night.  Spend the last couple of hours of sunshine reflecting on your life.

Think about all the people in your life.  Think about all the people that bring you joy, the ones that bring you happiness.  And write them down.  Write each person down that brings you joy and that brings you happiness.

Send them a text, or an e-mail when you get home.  Tell them you value their friendship and you value having them in your life.

Now think about all the people in your life that cause you stress and aggravation. Write them down.

How many of them do you still need in your life?  How many friends do you go out with that just do nothing but vent and dump their crap on you, constantly bringing you down?  Why do you keep the friendship?

Is it based out of guilt because you’ve known them for so long?  You’ve been friends from high school and you just can’t imagine not being friends with this negative person.

Life is too short to waste time on people that don’t deserve your time, that don’t support your journey, that don’t support your beliefs, that don’t support your dreams.

It’s time to make some tough house cleaning decisions.  It’s time that you eliminated the people that don’t support the journey that you’re on right now.  There’s no reason to have those people in your life any more.

I don’t care if you’ve been friends with them since you were 14 or if they were your best friend since you were seven or they helped you out of a tough situation in college.

All that means that you’re living in the past.  And when you live in the past, you’re not living in the present.  You’re not embracing the beautiful things that are around you.

Life is all about energy.  Energy is clearing your energetic field so you can attract and meet amazing people all the time.  Nobody should ever deter you from the path that you’re on.

So it’s time to let go.

Just like you clean out your closet, you need to clean out your closet of friends.  You need to only have the people in your life who support, honor, and love who you are and the journey that you’re on right now.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t re-connect with some of these people in the future.  Just concentrate your time on the people that deserve you now.