ugly man online dating david wygantSo you’re browsing the online world, and you come across a great profile.

The only problem is—there’s no picture.

This person is going stealth in the online world.

So you send him an e-mail, and the two of you go back and forth. He gives you a phone number and you get on the phone.  You spend two hours talking to him and you have a great conversation.

Now you’re really excited.

Except you’ve made the biggest mistake in online dating.

Would you go on vacation and stay at a hotel that you’ve never seen the inside of?

Would you go to a beach resort and never see pictures of it before you go?

Would you buy a used car from somebody just because they told you it was in perfect condition without a single scratch?

Why in the hell would you get on the phone and spend two hours of your life talking to somebody you don’t even know?

Everybody in the world of online thinks that they’re fit, trim, gorgeous, sexy, beautiful.

Nobody writes that they’re UGLY in their profile.

Nobody is going to say, “I’m fat, have tons of ingrown hair and have a bush that absolutely grows like an afro.”

At least that would be honest, but nobody is honest in the world of online.

So why would you commit two hours of your time talking to somebody, getting all excited, just to be disappointed when they finally send you an e-mail with a picture attached.

And because you kind of already like him, you click through and try to find a picture that arouses you. You look at them from every angle, you blow them up, you shrink them, you look at them with one eye, but…still…nothing.

So the next time you get lured in by somebody without a picture on an online dating site, remember that the person hiding behind that profile probably isn’t exactly who they say they are.

There’s a reason why their picture is not online.

Think about it.