There’s a team that’s probably playing the best ball of any team in football right now.

It’s a team in the nation’s biggest market.

But it’s a team that has no identity.

No love from the locals.

And absolutely zero recognition from their ex-fans.

Their ex-fans are happy as can be, but pissed off because they’re no longer playing in their beautiful city.

They’ve got a top 10 offense, a top 10 defense.

They know how to win on the road.

They’re extremely balanced.  They can play from behind.

They’ve got a Hall of Fame quarterback that nobody ever really realizes is a Hall of Fame quarterback.

They played most of the season without their top defender and he’s back, but nobody cares.

Now Los Angeles is not exactly the best sports town I’ve ever lived in, and I don’t really even care that much about the Rams.

And the Rams are probably the top five team in football.  There’s actually a chance for a Los Angeles -Los Angeles Super Bowl and nobody talks about it.

You see, people in LA are too self-obsessed with themselves.

They’re too into themselves.  They’re too into the traffic.

They’re too into this boring 70-degree daily weather.

To even care about one team.

But if they had to choose, they’ll always choose the Rams because of the history of the Rams.

The Chargers are like a newcomer to LA.  You get there.  You’ve got a lot of acquaintances, but it’s really hard to find a good social network.

It’s like that when you first move to Los Angeles.  You’re the new person.  People like you.  They think you’re all right, but they don’t invite you to anything because they just don’t trust you enough to open up their network, so you’re basically friendless for the first year in LA.  You’ve got lots of acquaintances, which is okay, if you don’t mind deep relationships.

The San Diego Chargers are now the Los Angeles Chargers.  They’re the NFL’s best team right now that nobody seems to care about.

They can’t even sell out Stubhub Stadium, which is like 27,000 people, and when they do sell it out, it’s usually half-filled with the other team fans.

Because Los Angeles is such a transient city and it’s so full of people from all over the place that you can easily put 20,000 people at any Rams or Chargers game and have the other team representative more so than in any other community probably in the country.

And it’s a shame, because if the Chargers keep playing the way they’re playing, they’ll most likely play the Patriots.  After they win their wildcard game, they’ll most likely play the Patriots.

And the Patriots are not exactly the same Patriots that they’ve ever been.  The Chargers look destined to be in the Championship game this year, but who’s going to support them?  They’ll be on the road because technically they’re always playing road games anyway because they have no home field advantage.

They have no fans that really care that much about them.

And that’s probably the rallying cry and the reason why they’ve got such a good road record, because every game is a road game.

They’re definitely the most dangerous team in the NFL right now because of that, because it doesn’t really matter where they play.  When you don’t home field advantage, it doesn’t really matter where you play, because you’re so used to having impartial fans wherever you are, so you can block out the noise.

When you go to a Chargers game here, you’ve got people screaming and yelling for the opposing team as much as they are for your home team.  That’s what makes the chargers the most dangerous team in the NFL right now.

Am I going out on a limb and predicting the Chargers will win the Super Bowl?  No.  But am I predicting that they’ll make it?  You know, I’d love to see Patrick Mahome.

I’d love to see that arm, that offense in the Super Bowl.


“But the Chargers, Phillip Rivers versus Drew Brees, it goes back in time when the Chargers actually had these great quarterbacks.  They had Drew Brees.  They drafted Phillip Rivers. Brees played Rivers’ freshman year.  There was rookie season.  Brees got hurt with a shoulder injury, ended up getting operated on, and then was thinking of signing with either the Dolphins or the Saints.  The Chargers are not going to re-sign anybody else.  They already had Phillip Rivers.  The Chargers have had two of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.  It would be pretty amazing to watch them two face off in a Super Bowl.  It would be great.  The Saints have all those rabid fans and the Chargers have nobody care about them.
And that’s probably the rallying cry that Anthony Lind, the coach of the Chargers, is using.