Your narcissist ex-girlfriend, or ex-wife, or ex-lover, absolutely does NOT want you to watch this video.

Why? Because when you’re dating a narcissist, you become their prisoner.

And they want you to be their prisoner forever. If someone like myself actually coaches you on how to fall in love after your narcissist ex has put you through the ringer, well, then they lose. You’re not their prisoner anymore.

Well, sorry narcissists. You lose this time, because in this video I made with my good friend Brett, I’m going to show all the men you’ve tortured and damaged:

  • How to get over your programming and stop being like Pavlov’s dog for narcissists
  • How to fall in love again after you’ve dated a narcissist
  • How long it takes to get over the narcissistic ex
  • The roots of why you fell for a narcissist (and how to avoid those mistakes)
  • The early warning signs that you might be with a narcissist right now
  • And more…

By the way… can men be narcissists? Absolutely. I’ve known tons of them. Brett and I are speaking from the perspective of men, but all the advice in this video can just as easily be applied to women who have dated narcissistic men.

Anyway, enjoy the video:

P.S. As I mention in the video… first person to correctly identify the beach where this was shot wins a free hour of coaching with me 🙂

P.P.S. Last month I dedicated a weekend’s worth of podcasts to narcissists and personality disorders . I highly recommend you give them a listen here and here.