I had the most amazing date that I’ve ever had in my entire life.

You’re probably wondering what this date was after all these years of dating and relationships.

What is my favorite date I’ve ever had?

My favorite date was at the American Girl Doll Store.

Thinking back right now, wow, you probably never thought about taking somebody to an American Girl Doll Store and going out on a date.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I laughed, how much fun I had. Four hours in the American Girl Doll Store, it was the greatest date in the world. And it was fairly inexpensive.

A couple of fun little things for the American Girl Dolls were all on sale.

And the four hour date probably ran me about $70 and it was the most pleasurable $70 I’ve ever spent on a date in my entire life.

It was so much fun. We sat there and laughed and giggled and looked at all the dolls. By the way, it’s like a museum in that place. It’s just unreal.

We ran around.

There were times that I got real goofy and I started making all the dolls talk and she just, laughed and laughed and laughed and told me that I was embarrassing her.

I then started turning the dolls upside down.

Rearranging things, she laughed at that and ran away from me. Ah, when you let your date see your quirky, fun side. It just makes them fill up with love.

After we left American Girl Doll, we walked through the mall, and got hungry.

Then went to Veggie Grill. She was so happy eating her two Oreo cookies. Her eyes were lit up. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to make her that happy. She looked through all her purchases and thanked me again for how much fun we had.

Then we did something that you should all do on a date.

We played “don’t step on the line.” I love playing don’t step on the line. At one point it was “don’t step on the grey line.”

Another time it was “don’t step on the white line.”

Another time it was “just don’t step on the black lines.”

We then went into J Crew and my date was so excited she set up her American Girl Doll on the floor of J Crew and she picked out a shirt for me. I didn’t need a shirt, there were shirts, well, on sale. So I ended up getting pink short sleeved seersucker button down.

My date thought that it was more my style than the blue and white seersucker button down.

You know about trying to make your date feel happy, so I bought it because the next time I have an amazing date with her I’m going to wear that shirt, because she picked it out.

What an amazing date. We drove home and listened to kid’s bop on the radio and heard kids sing popular songs and laughed.

Then when I dropped her off we decided to take the luggage cart. And for about 40 minutes we just took the luggage cart and moved it through out the hallway, running, pushing it, getting an amazing workout in.

It was the end of the perfect day, the end of the perfect date. Nothing makes me smile more than an amazing daddy date.

Because yes that’s what it was. That was my favorite date.

I love my daddy dates. They are so much fun, I look forward to them all the time and I make sure that each of them is so special, so loving.

As I dropped her off, my heart was filled with love.

I had smile on my face that was as wide as my face, because nothing fills my heart more than an absolutely beautiful, amazing, daddy date.

One day you’ll be old enough to read this.

And when you are I just wanted to be able to tell you one last time. I love you munchkin.