Today is my birthday, and I’ll be spending the day with my amazing daughter who’s probably going to make the day all about her.

She wants to go to Dave & Busters. Apparently what I want doesn’t matter because that’s what she wants to do on my birthday.

Of course, she’s just a little girl, and I’m so happy to spend the day with her doing whatever she wants to do. So that’s her excuse. But unfortunately nowadays there are really adults who want to make it all about them, too.

So this blog is for all you people who think you’re ultra special.

For all of you who take your birthdays a little too far…

I’d like to explain something to you.

There’s a day in your life that your born.

There’s a minute. There’s an hour.

There’s a moment in time when you come into this world. It’s a really special day for your parents.

They were probably joyous when you came into this world.

Your mom was probably relieved. No longer was she pregnant. She can get her body back.

Your dad, well, your dad was, oh, my god. Look at this adorable little thing. What do I do with it?

Who knows what emotions your parents felt? But throughout your life, you always had a birthday party.

You had a birthday where you did something special.

But it seems like there are some adults out there who have birthday months.

Birthday months!?

I don’t understand that at all. So what if you’re born in the month of May or June? It doesn’t give you the whole month to have your birthday.

There are birthday weekends. Well, for people whose birthday falls on a Wednesday, they choose the weekend before or the weekend after to celebrate their birthday and make it all about them.

I find that kind of child-like and silly. A birthday is a birth-day.

It’s a day. That’s all it is. It’s one day. To celebrate with friends, to celebrate with loved ones. What makes it special is it’s just one day.

Doesn’t have to be drawn out. Doesn’t have to have multiple stages or layers to it.

What makes a birthday special is that there’s one day that’s about you.

But then again, for you people who really consistently need things to be about themselves on a regular basis, I can understand what birthday weeks and birthday months and birthday weekends are all about. We do live in a world where most people, unfortunately, are very self-absorbed. We have a very me-me-me culture now.

So I can understand how me-me-me would be wonderful for your birthday week or birthday weekend or birthday month. I’m kind of getting tired of all the me-me-me stuff going on in there.

It’s getting really old.

It gets old about all of the self promotion.

It gets old about being validated on social media.

If I didn’t do what I do for a living, I would never use social media. I use social media to connect with my people.

But I don’t use social media to post beautiful pictures of myself that make me look fantastic.

I don’t post things about how wonderful my life is.

And I’m just not seeking validation by posting on social media and celebrating my birthday and making every know that my birthday goes on and on and on for months, a week or weekend.

Life is not all about me-me-me-me-me. Life is about connecting and sharing.

I want you to look at your actions. I want to challenge you today. Look at your actions. How much of your life is self centered?

Be honest. We’re all self centered in our own ways. We’ve all got the me-me-me disease in our own ways. But today, I want you to really look and see what your actions are saying.

Not what you want to project to the world, not what you think you are, but who you truly are.

For all you birthday week people, do you do it because you’re craving more attention? Or do you like when the world revolves around you? Because I strongly think that anybody that overdoes it on birthdays and Facebook and self-promotion, it’s not just a birthday week for you.

It’s a birthday year.

Every day is really more about you. Every day is about you and all the things that you do. It’s just an extension of who you are.

My birthday, honestly, the last couple of years, I’m celebrating with my kid. Just like today.

I have her again on my birthday. And I’m making the day about her. Whatever she wants to do, wherever she wants to go. I could care less.

My birthday is just a day.

Another day that I’m alive. It’s another day to experience things and it’s no more magical than any other day, and I don’t need people bowing down to me. I don’t need people acknowledging it.

I don’t need to remind people that it’s my birthday today.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some more self-absorbed behaviors of the new modern person in today’s world. Let’s get real. If you fall into that category, I’m curious to hear your feedback.