Recently, I read a book called “Radical Honesty, The New Revised Edition: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth.” The book was all about being 100% honest with your partner. I don’t remember if it was page 172 or 173, but it talked there specifically about being radically honest with your partner about sex.

One of the things it mentioned, was tell your partner all the things you’ve ever done sexually with other partners. Another thing it suggested was to masturbate in front of each other, showing them how you pleasure yourself so they know all the things about your body that only you know. I’ve mutual masturbated with women when the only option was Vaseline.

There’s nothing more erotic than masturbating in front of your partner, and telling them all the little secret dirty thoughts you’ve been thinking about them. Not only that, watching them pleasure themselves teaches you the art of pleasuring them. It’s also just plain fun.

There are just some nights when you just don’t feel like getting all sweaty and intimate . . . you just want to get off. Look, we’ve all been there. We’ve all done phone sex, which by the way is fun as long as you don’t actually try and screw the phone. Cyber-sex is interesting, except I never understood how you can type and jerk at the same time, and not get the keyboard all messed up. And then, of course, there’s sex-ting. Sex-ting is an interesting way to have sex, because you still have to be typing with one hand and touching with the other. Phone sex is OK if you’ve got the BlueTooth.

But the best form is mutual masturbation. For those of you who desire a more intimate bond with your partner, show them how you bring yourself to pleasure.