Here’s a quick tip on how to practice mindful communication, because it’s really good for your health.

We can send an e-mail, we can text, we can talk on the phone, and well, we can use mindful communication, but only if our message is full of understanding and compassion.

At that point, we’ll be able to remove fear and anger from the other person who is receiving it.

So the next time you hold the phone, look at it and remember that its purpose is to help you communicate with compassion and empathy for another person.

Don’t just get on the phone and start screaming into it because you’re not going to have a captive audience at all. If you’re mindful of somebody else’s feelings and emotions, where they’re at, you’ll actually be able to get somewhere in your communication.

The problem is in today’s disconnected world where we want to be connected.

We’re always in such a hurry to send our e-mails and texts. The minute we write them, we literally want to press send and they are gone.

We have this illusion in life that the more we accomplish, the more we’ve actually accomplished.

The more things we can do in a day, the further along we’re going to be in whatever our journey might be.

But what’s the need to rush? Whenever we rush anything, well, usually the message goes out to somebody who doesn’t receive it the way they’re supposed to. In today’s day and age when we’re writing most of our message via texting and e-mail, things can be misinterpreted right away. So in order of rushing, we always have time, if you think about it, for three breaths.

One breath in. One breath out.

Two breaths in. Two breaths out.

Three breaths in. Three breaths out.

It’s almost like a Dr. Suess book. One breath, two breath, three breath, four breath.

Think about that. Think about it before you press send.

If we do this, there’s a much greater chance that we’ll be putting more compassionate communication out into the world, and that’s what’s important.

We want the compassion and communication out in the world. The reason being is that too many people are being constantly attacked.

And the more compassionate you are with everybody you speak with, the more you actually get what you want.

Conflict doesn’t work. If you think you’re going to battle somebody and win, you’re not. But if you’re compassionate and empathetic and actually re-read what you wrote, and think to yourself, if I received this, would I feel warm, fuzzy, and amazing, or would I immediately go to battle.

One breath, two breath, three breath, four. Channel your inner Dr. Suess and watch what happens with your results.