I was in a Whole Foods-like market in Malibu the other day, and I was “BlackBerrying out” texting on my phone (which is something I tell you guys never to do!) I caught myself doing this (and you should too). You should never be on your hand held device in public oblivious to everything going on around you, because you will miss opportunities that present themselves.

So as I was on my BlackBerry, there was a woman standing next to me. I looked at her and very genuinely said, “How is your day?” I did it very nonchalantly, and didn’t think too much about it.

When I see another person standing next to me, I don’t worry about coming up with some magical thing to say or a comic opener to win someone over. I never think, “Oh my God, I have to say something really funny…”

You don’t ever have to say something funny to talk to someone of the opposite sex or to anyone else. You really can just say, “Hey, how is your day?” You need to be genuine about it, like you really do care how their day is going.

After I asked this woman in the market how her day was going, she actually proceeded to give me a pretty detailed account of what she had been doing. She told me about a pool party she had gone to earlier. I said, “oh, I’ve read about those pool parties, but thought everyone there was probably way too young. She told me they weren’t too young and we chatted for a bit.

The next thing you know, she started busting me about the color of my sunglasses and how they matched my BlackBerry. This whole nice, friendly conversation started with a simple, “How is your day?”

So many guys waste so much time thinking about what to say and trying to come up with clever or funny things to say, when really all you need to say is, “How is your day?” Practice it. Practice saying it genuinely. Say it to yourself ten times, “How is your day? How is your day? How is your day?”

What would you say if someone walked over to you and asked you that question? Would you look at them and say, “Is that the best you can come up with? That wasn’t funny or clever.” Come on . . .

“How is your day?” It’s a simple thing to say every single time you see somebody and you’re at a loss for words. You need to say it genuinely and show her that you really are interested in her answer. You may be surprised what kinds of conversations you end up having.

Today i thought this old video would really help out men who can not grasp this simple concept. Time to get out of your own heads!