Hey guys, Shogo here with another Friday blog to get you ready to go out and enjoy yourself this weekend!

We have a lot of international followers and readers of the blog. We always get a ton of emails every day, and last week alone the emails we got from you guys came anywhere from the US to Sweden to Zimbabwe to Indonesia. They were great!

But a lot of your questions are cultural. A lot of you guys think that what “works” for us won’t work for you where you are because you live in a smaller town, or you’re Muslim, or you’re in Asia, or you’re European and Europeans don’t like being approached by strangers, or whatever the excuse is.

This week’s blog is coming to you live from Lebanon, where I’m coaching a client and we’re enjoying the incredible Beirut nightlife. Originally we had planned on a coaching weekend in NYC, but my client wasn’t sure if what I was going to teach him in the USA would “work” when he returned home. So I went to stay with him in Lebanon to show him exactly how having the right attitude and the right outlook on going out will “work” for him wherever he goes.

Here’s the deal guys: I’ve lived and traveled all over the world. I’ve dated people from all over the world, of different colors, different religions, different traditions. I’ve been in amazing relationships with women who, on the outside, were very different from me. And one of my greatest lessons has been that, at the core, we really are all the same. We all react to the same things. We all respond to the same attractive, confident attitude in the opposite sex. That’s what I teach and that’s why I get great results for my clients, wherever they are located.

So my lesson for you is that when you’re going out this weekend, whatever it is that you do, it WILL work if you trust yourself, you have the right attitude, and you have the right mindset. Remember my message last week about just cultivating good energy, having fun, and just being friendly? That goes for everyone, and I don’t care where on this earth you are located. A bar is a bar is a bar, whether you are in Toronto, Rome, Sydney, or Bangkok.

Now I’m sure that there are pickup-lines, and jokes, and cheesy routines that work in a bar in LA that won’t work in a bar in Tokyo. And vice versa. Bu forget about all of that because what you need to focus on is not WHAT to do when you go out, it’s HOW you do it.

This is something that a lot of men do wrong all the time. Men love to think there’s some magic formula, and some guys have it, while others don’t. They think there’s four magic words they can say when they go out at night that will turn them in to Mr. Charisma.

The fact is there is no perfect thing to say in every situation. There never has been and there never will be. There is no magic bible that will walk you through and guarantee success in your social life. There is no Lonely Planet “Guide to Meeting Amazing People” for every country.

I travel a lot and I really don’t need to waste my time coming up with the right thing to say based on cultural differences. I don’t need to act like a different person, or treat people any differently, simply because right now I’m in Lebanon.

Men Checking Out Women At Starbucks In Lebanon

The secret is for you to be “the same you” wherever you go, and whatever you do. The secret is to not let a change in your environment create a change in the way you walk through life. Don’t change how you act simply because you stepped foot into a bar or lounge. Wherever I go, I act exactly the same (save for some basic local etiquette rules).

Every cultural barrier that you believe exists, every invisible barrier that’s preventing you from having an amazing dating life and meeting people of the opposite sex, it’s only there because YOU put it there.

If you believe that women and men in bars in Germany are unfriendly and not willing to talk to strangers, guess what? They will be. If you are living in China and you think that women only want a tall foreigner but you happen to be a short foreigner, then to you, women will only want a tall foreigner. If you’re in the Middle East like me right now and you think that a Middle Eastern woman will run away from you for thinking sexual thoughts, then she will run. And she will run far.

We are people. Every person, man and woman, black and white, thinks sexual thoughts. And when we as people go out at night, we all want to meet someone friendly and unique, who is interested in us, and who knows how to have a good time.