A post on our Masturbation Nation by David Wygant

We’ve become a nation of chronic masturbators. Think about this for a second . . .

• When was the last time you had sex?
• When was the last time you checked out Internet porn?
• When is the last time you went to a strip club and had a woman grind on you?
• Is the last time you had sex phone sex instead of actual sex?

We’ve been inundated with Internet porn. There are even sites like youporn.com where you get to upload your own pornographic movies. So many men are chronic masturbators. From the day you were first exploring yourself, to the days of surfing the Internet, men have been known to masturbate whenever they get a chance.

But there’s a phenomenon going on here too: Women have joined the masturbation club. Go to places like the Hustler Store in West Hollywood, and you see rows and rows of dildos. If a woman doesn’t like the pink bunny rabbit, she can purchase a dildo the size of a torpedo.

We’ve always been a country that has a weird view on sex. We’ve always been a little repressed compared to our European and South American friends. There are many people out there in their late thirties and early forties who have only had a few lovers, and they’ve spent their entire adult life afraid of their own sexuality.

Recently a woman emailed me and told me she’s only had two lovers . . . and she’s forty. Even worse, she hasn’t had sex in five years. Her whole email to me was to tell me her criticisms about me, saying that I teach people how to be sluts. She had a lot of anger and venom throughout the entire email. This is exactly the problem I’m talking about. The woman was so sexually repressed that she’s nasty half the time. If she just got laid once in a while, she’d be a little more relaxed.

We need to lay off the sex toys . C’mon ladies, some of you are so addicted to your vibrators that you can’t have an orgasm with a man. There’s also some guys who masturbate so much that when they have sex with a woman, they can’t last longer than thirty seconds.

Let me ask you a question: Isn’t it time you find yourself a lover and stop waiting for “the one?” Isn’t it time you had some real contact with another person and stopped judging your own sexuality and embrace it?

Sex is totally healthy. You’ve got to stop judging yourself and start having a healthy sex life! Stop making excuses. If you’re disease phobic, use a condom. If you’re saving yourself for somebody, realize that the more sex you have the happier you’re going to be.

Europeans and Brazilians laugh at the prudish behavior of Americans. The number one search word on the Internet is “sex.” It’s all the prudish Americans looking for alternate ways to get off instead of enjoying each other. Find a lover!

Stop interviewing every date you go on as your potential soul mate. In my lifetime, I’ve had one-night stands, I’ve had booty calls, I’ve had lovers, and I’ve had long-term relationships. I consider myself a well-balanced sexual person. I don’t judge myself or the women with whom I’ve had sex.

It’s time you made a list of all the things you want to experience sexually with the opposite sex. Since Americans love “to do” lists, make one listing all the ways that you want to be “done.”

In China, there’s a sexual revolution going on. In America, we’ve returned to the days of “Happy Days.” Enjoy your sexuality and stop judging!

Also, try this exercise on for size: Don’t masturbate, and make the next time you relieve the sexual tension with another person instead of with yourself. You’ll eventually break down, and have to find somebody to be with to relieve that tension.

Remember that great “Seinfeld” episode when Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer bet each other to see who could abstain from masturbating the longest? Let’s see how long you can abstain from masturbating, and go out and find a partner! Make it fun. Have your own contest with your friends, or bet someone on the blog. We’re all friends here . . .