Sometimes, I just don’t want to write about dating.

But when I don’t write about dating, I give you great conversation starters.

Great topics of conversation, debates that you can have.

Recently, I was driving out to the desert.

And as you know, I also dictate what I write onto my phone.

They were cleaning the HOV lane. Let’s just pick a Saturday and clean the HOV lane. Why not do it at night? Why do it in the middle of the day?

There were two cop cars. One behind me, and one about a quarter of a mile up.

Their lights flashed. The first round of cop cars made everybody stopped. After about 15 minutes of traffic, they stopped at one mile an hour. If you were going five miles an hour before, I don’t think you’d even get a ticket, because you’re literally 60 miles under the speed limit at five miles an hour.

But everybody stopped. Then we moved again and then there was another cop at the beginning, and everybody stopped.

It’s funny. All they’ve got to do is sit on the side of the road, put their lights on, and watch everybody stop.

It’s amazing because if you think about the rational mind of this…

If a cop is already stopped on the side of the road and has his lights on, he’s already pulled somebody over. It really doesn’t matter what speed you go by him, because he already has somebody else that he pulled over.

Yet you could be driving down a highway, a freeway, an interstate, when a cop will pull somebody else over and the entire interstate, on sometimes both sides, slows down to a crawl. Is this cop going to multiply?

Are cops going to come out of the woodwork because you drove by going 70?

It kind of blows me away.

It makes me think a little bit as well.

Do cops think this is funny? I wonder if they sit there and put their lights on to see how much they can fuck with traffic that day.

Because if I were a cop and I was watching everybody slow down to a crawl, I would probably be laughing my ass off.

They do it no matter what road it is. A cop can literally stop an entire interstate of traffic for 10 miles just by sitting there with their lights on, pulling somebody over because we all know that this cop is a good multi-tasker and he or she can get back in their car in an instant and literally from zero to sixty in one second and pull you over.

Wild, but it all goes down to the sheep mentality of people.

Sometimes, there’s a long line in the left-hand lane, but none in the right lane, but everybody’s waiting in the long line, assuming there is a long line and you have to wait in the long line. It’s just a psychological trigger. See a cop, go slow.

I was wondering if any of you are a policeman. Do you ever chuckle a bit?

The rest of you, well, what’s the point of article? You come here for dating and life advice. Where’s the advice today, Mr. David?

Here it is: You might find humor in all the small things in life, and then your life can be a lot more fun.