A lot of guys will have a woman visit them for the weekend. Maybe they met on a ski trip or something, and now this woman that he’s not REALLY into is coming to visit.

You start thinking to yourself, “Oh my god, what am I going to do with her for the whole weekend? It’s going to take away from me-time, and she will take me away from finding someone I’m really into…” Have you ever felt like that?

But in reality, this experience that you’re having with this woman – connecting with her, the experience that you’ll have sexually with her – will help you move forward.

You know that old saying, “Love the one you’re with?” If you love the one you’re with, you’ll start to learn things about yourself and learn how to better interact and connect with other people.

Maybe this weekend will be a great weekend for you to have some fun and learn some new sexual things. Just be open to it! You don’t have to spend your whole life with her – you can just hang out with her for a few days.

A lot of guys won’t do it. I used to be guilty of it when I was younger as well. I wouldn’t be open to it. Some woman would just deposit herself in front of me and want to hang out and I’d think, well, this isn’t the one I REALLY want, and then I would panic. I didn’t want to be “stuck” with her.

But the best thing to do in that situation is just enjoy it. Enjoy the weekend that you have with her. Enjoy the time with her – you’ll learn a lot from it.

And have you guys been following this story. Also to all the men out there who do not think women age well.

Time to really wake up and see true beauty.

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