A lot of people fall in love with the idea of being in love.

It’s such a wonderful idea. Great to tell your friends: “I’m in love.”

It’s such an amazing feeling to tell people, “I met somebody, and we’re falling in love.”

The vision of falling in love is always funny to me. Are you tripping over each other?

Are you literally falling the second you see them and they’re literally holding on to you with dear life?

I’m writing a series of articles on love because I think that’s really the reason why we’re here on this planet. We’re on this planet for love.

And part of loving is letting go, letting go of people who’ve wounded you in the past. Letting go of an ex, who may or may not want to be with you.

Letting go is a big process in love, because if you don’t let go, you’re never going to find somebody. If you’re holding onto a story, or holding onto reasons why you should be with somebody else, or holding onto anger (attention all you divorced people), you are still battling other people, your exes and divorces and all that negative energy.

But love is really finding somebody who makes you want to be a better version of yourself.

You see, we’ve lived as long as we’ve lived, we’ve done whatever we’ve done, we’ve accomplished whatever we’ve accomplished.

You want to meet somebody, though, who takes you to a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of being, a higher level of being a soul, a higher level of being a human.

It’s extremely important. Why?

Because that’s where the real growth takes place, whether it’s emotional, mythical, or even physical.

You can meet somebody like Tom Brady.

Somebody who’s got this incredible diet, eats really healthy and clean. Even though you’ve eaten really healthy your whole life you start eating like them and you actually feel better inside.

You can meet somebody who’s more spiritually awake then you.

That’s on a higher consciousness with God.

And they can teach you how that relationship can manifest and really, well, take off even more.

You can meet somebody who has different ways of parenting, teach you how to be a better parent.

There’s so many ways I can list.

Spiritual, mental, and emotional growth comes when you meet somebody who literally takes you to a higher level of consciousness on all levels. It turn, you actually raise their vibration and raise their consciousness, as well.

That’s what love is.

Love is showing, love is sharing, love is growing, love is evolving, and that’s what you want to do in a love relationship, you want to love, you want to be loved. You also want to grow, and growing is great.

It could be sexually. You could meet a sexual partner who is far more adventurous than you are, and you’ve always wanted to be more adventurous. There’s just so many beautiful things that you can have when you grow.

You help people through situations.

You help them through moments.

You give them a different perspective.

You give them somebody so they can finally be heard.

That’s what love is all about.

Love is a growth process, and it’s an absolutely beautiful growth process. One where we all just learn from one another. And that’s what it’s about.

Find somebody who makes you a better version of yourself, because you can’t make yourself the best version of yourself all the time. Partnership is what it’s all about, and that’s what love is: finding somebody who makes you a better version of yourself.