Jason Voorhees is coming at you right now at summer camp holding a gigantic knife. Freddy Krueger is pulling you into the bed. Bruce, the mechanical shark from Jaws, is swimming right toward you at top speed.

The Bogeyman is actually in your closet. Remember when you were a little kid, and you were absolutely terrified to look under your bed because you thought the Bogeyman (or that evil clown from the movie Poltergeist) was hiding under it?

Remember all these terrifying moments as a child? You just couldn’t look inside that closet no matter what because you were truly afraid that the Bogeyman was hiding inside of it.

Do you know who the Bogeyman really is? Go to the mirror right now. Look in the mirror. Go ahead and take a good look in the mirror. YOU are the Bogeyman!

That’s right. You are the Bogeyman, because every fear that you have ever had in your entire life has been manifested in your own mind. Every fear. Every single one of them.

What is the Bogeyman in your head? Even more important, what is the biggest, scariest Bogeyman in your head?

You may have a fear of approaching the opposite sex. If you do, that is your Bogeyman.

You may have a fear of intimacy when you get close to somebody. If you do, then that is your Bogeyman.

You may have a fear of asking somebody out or calling them back. If you do, then that is your Bogeyman.

All of us need to learn how to eliminate the Bogeyman, because the Bogeyman is actually the scared little boy or girl that you really are.

Today’s podcast is not only going to blow you away, (and will make you think and laugh more than you have in a LONG time!) . . . but I have a very secret message that is at the very end of it. So be SURE you don’t miss it!!