I’ve gotta tell you: it’s not a man thing to do, quoting words and texts. I will always send a text, but I will never quote a word.

I’ll just send the whole text and allow the sentence to go out there into Text Land.

But women? Women have a habit of quoting words that you either said or things that you’ve done, or other things in text, which I just never understood.

To me, it kind of feels aggressive in a way. Using a word in a text is almost like saying, “this is the most important word in the entire text.”

Well, I should either A) be more aware of something if I did something, if I used the word wrong… or B, this word is so important I need to reread the text over and over again to see if I’ve missed something.

But I find it life’s greatest mystery: why women use, well, why they use quotes in texts.

I’d like to know why you do it. I have some theories, but I’d like to hear it from you before I give you my opinion. I’ll write a follow-up blog post on what I think about words in texts. What it means in some very passive aggressive and wrong type of way.

But it’s so much more confusing in my mind because it’s such a female trait and it’s not a male trait at all, but I’d love to know a little bit of why when you’re sending a text back to somebody, you put a word in quotes. What’s the meaning behind it exactly? What does it mean for you? Why do you need to emphasize these certain words? Because they’re random words.

Are you trying to prove a point?

Are you quoting him?

Are you trying to stand him up?

Are you trying to get a debate going?

Whats with quoting words?