Life is all about seduction.

Everything you do, everything you experience is about seduction.

From waking up in the morning to getting dressed, looking your best, and feeling your best.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you feel powerful, strong, sexy, and amazing?

Walking into work, saying hello to people with command, looking at people in the eyes, smiling, and enjoying your day is seductive.

Eating lunch by yourself, looking people in the eyes, being sure of who you are, being strong, being powerful to your core—these are all seductive traits.

Life is all about seduction.  

The better you seduce, the more money you make.

The better you seduce, the more friends you have.

The better you seduce, the more relationships you experience and the greater love you can feel.

Seduction works in all aspects of life, from getting discounts, upgrades, getting great customer service, and having people respect you in all ways.

You have to master what a great seducer does.

Master seducers are strong and self-aware and they know that they can have and do whatever they want. It’s a powerful way to live. People sense that power, and women can’t resist it.

I urge you to not only work on your game with women, but work on your life game, so that you can walk around with the power of a great seducer.

It’s all about inner game. If you truly know that you can do and be anything, what is there to worry about?

And if you’re not worried, then you’re not in your head.

When you’re not in your head, all of your personal energy and charisma is being expressed without filter. And that’s really the ultimate goal.

Honestly express yourself.

Be authentic.

Be you.