Are you one of the lucky men or women who feel like they have met their perfect match and all you can think about is the perfect romantic summer night with them? Cuddling in the park, watching the fireworks explode all over the skies above you…

The only thing standing in your way is the fact that you are looked upon as the friend.

I have to be upfront with you, your being in the “Friend Zone” is entirely your fault. You can’t meet a woman and be wishy washy with your intentions hoping that she will respond. Woman are attracted to men who take charge and lead the way.

So how do we get you out of the friend zone and into the lover zone?

You can try the direct approach and take them out and tell them that you want to take this friendship to the next level. Honesty is really the best way to go.

Now for those of you that are Tyson chickens you can tell her that you will be out with friends this weekend and she should join you with her friends.

Now when you are out with the group pay extra attention to her hot friend. If she keeps coming over to claim you as hers, then that’s a pretty good indicator that she also wants out of the friend zone.

If she is swapping spit in the corner with one of your friends planning the perfect romantic new York city weekend you will be forever in the friend zone.

Now go for it! If you want to watch some 4th of July fireworks with someone, you need to make the move now.