Time to leave Brody behind.

He has his opinion. It’s his life and he can choose to live a narrow minded existence.

Life is full of people who don’t open their minds and give new things a chance.

No more energy should be given to Brody/”Wash Me Down” Boy.

Negative energy is not worth rewarding ever. And Joan, no need to slam him anymore, I am all about hearing peoples opinions either positive or negative.

We all can learn from others. And the key is to never stoop to someones level. That is exactly what a boy like Brody craves.

He needs the attention we gave him some and now he had his moment and time to send him back into the darkness.

The reason why guys like Brody are failures with women is that they don’t try the simple things in life to attract a woman.

They are routine guys. They memorize some canned routine and that is the only way they can even speak to a woman.

They think that they have to learn some deep seduction hocus-pocus and that will give them the super power that they are lacking.

So a simple elevator conversation starter is way too hard for them to comprehend.

Sounds too easy so they dismiss is as something that will work. I used to think that I had to come up with some amazing approach and story to attract a woman. It took years of hard work to figure all of this stuff out. Now that I have, sometimes I forget about what it was like to be someone who had to memorize a routine.

I am all about teaching men how to stop the routines and observe the moment. All of the openers that I speak about on the blog and the podcasts are all about a simple observation that will lead to attraction.

Its all about the ability to listen.

Its like our moms used to say: “You don’t listen to your mother.”

If we did, we would not have to memorize any canned routines.

Late here on the coast. Time for sleep.