I have to credit this blog to a woman that I’ve been hanging out with recently – I’d love to take credit for everything funny that is in it, but I just can’t.

You know when you’re out on a date, sitting across from them in a restaurant, and there are all those crazy things running through your mind – are you going to kiss them? Are they going to kiss you? What are they thinking? What are they feeling?

And then at the end of the date, you’re not sure whether or not to go in for the kiss – you don’t know if they want to go in for the kiss or not – and then you do that stupid hug where both of your asses are protruding out like you’re at a high school dance.

You remember those dances, don’t you? You don’t want to have any body contact, so you just kind of lean into them – your chests might touch, but your asses are really far back. You had no idea how flexible you were until you get to this point!

So this woman I’ve been hanging out with brought back a memory of mine from when I was 17 years old. This happened probably from when I was about 17 until I was around 21.

Whenever I would bring a girl back to my house (as a high school student) or bring her back to my dorm or apartment (in college) I would always play the “just the tip” game.

We’d be fooling around, doing some serious dry humping, and after all of that dry humping, you’re wanting to have some decent sex, right? Or at least you’re HOPING to have some decent sex – you didn’t really know how to close a woman back then.

So you’d look at her and say, “man, we should make love!” or “we should have sex,” or whatever terminology you’d use. She’d respond, “oh, no, no, no!” with all of the Catholic and other guilt comes flying in.

And then you’d look at her and you’d say, “just the tip.”

“Just the tip! Let’s just put the tip in and see how it feels.” That’s it, just put the tip in. That’s it. “Don’t you want to feel how the tip feels?”

Then you’d go into tip-salesman mode, where you start selling the tip: “come on, let’s try it! The tip will feel good! I promise I won’t push it in any further. I promise I won’t cum. Just the tip!”

You want her to say yes, because you want to put the tip in and have it feel so good that she jams all of you in there – and you get to have sex.

But rarely did that ever work out.

What usually happened, if you were a good salesman and able to convince her to let you put the tip in, is that she’d push you away and start crying – the guilt had resurfaced.

Then you’d have to go into beggar mode again, and say, “oh come on, we don’t have to try that again – let’s just go back to dry humping!”

But unfortunately the rest of the night was out. There would be no more dry humping. You were done for the night.

This would then lead you to the next problem: after all of this dry humping, begging, pleading, and “just the tip” episodes, you end up with the worst case of blue balls you’ve ever had.

So not only did your plan not work, but now you have an incredibly severe case of blue balls. If you remember blue balls correctly, sometimes you can’t even jerk off it hurts so bad.

For women who don’t understand, Google ‘blue balls’ – they aren’t really blue! It just seems like all of the blood in the world goes there and your balls become the size of watermelons. You literally can’t go and beat off.

Not only that, but the girl you’ve been with who has been crying in bed after the “just the tip” episode – you have to stay there and cuddle with her all night long. And as you’re cuddling, the whole night you are thinking, “down, boy! Stop getting hard!” Every time it gets hard, the blue balls get even worse.

So you’re hoping that she’ll leave first thing in the morning, but it’s college and it happens to be a Saturday and she wants to go out for breakfast!

You limp your way to breakfast. Since she didn’t shower, you can’t use the shower as an excuse to beat off and you both go out grungy.

You spend the entire day with blue balls, and then when you finally do get to beat off, it hurts so bad that you have to find a whole new way to do it.

The “just the tip” game often turns into the worst case of blue balls in the entire world!

Hopefully I brought back some great memories for everyone today. The next time you want to have sex with a woman, why don’t you just start by dry humping the night away and then reintroduce the “just the tip” game!

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