Client: What do you do about jealousy? Perhaps you like a girl and you see a guy going in to hit on her. Or you have an ex-girlfriend – just jealousy in general. It comes up so often.

David: Life is about free choices. Jealousy is something that you have at 19 – but by the time you’re in your thirties, it’s something you will outgrow.

You have jealousy now because you haven’t experienced enough emotional things to realize that there is the freedom of choice.

If a woman you are dating breaks up with you and then sleeps with your friend, you have to realize that there was nothing you could do to prevent it. So why give emotions like jealousy and guilt any power?

When you give those emotions power, you’re giving life to someone else’s choice – not to anything that you can actually control.

If a girl chooses a friend over you, you have to be able to say to yourself, well, they must have better chemistry together than we do. Good for him and good for her.

You feel jealous only because you don’t have abundance mentality. Jealousy is an emotion that springs from the lack of the abundance mentality in your life.

I have no jealousy anymore. I remember when I would lose money in my business ventures, I would be jealous of my friends. But then I realized that they had made different choices and followed different paths.

I started embracing my friends’ success, and this got rid of the jealousy – I realized that I was where I was only because of the choices I’d made in my life.

Once I realized that, the abundance returned to my life.

It just works like that.