It's OK to be NaughtyLadies…

I want you to know something really important. As women it’s okay to be naughty, to be direct, and to be sexy. Look, we’re sexual beings. It’s a great thing. I love when I’m with a woman that’s a little kinky and naughty. A little dirty.

Actually, I respect that.  And if you think about it, most men will.

The more you express your sexuality, the more you express who you are, the more you let go of your inner “naughty woman”, the better your life’s going to be.

We need to dress up, be a little naughty, and have dirty talk and texts to each other. Life is too short.  Sex is the one thing that’s free for everybody to explore so don’t hold back in the bedroom.  Whenever you hold back in the bedroom, you’re holding back your sexuality.

Think about your past lovers.  Think about what satisfied you about them, and think about what frustrated you about them.

How open are you when it comes down to talking naughty?  How open are you when it comes down to letting go with what you want?  How open are you with your own sexuality?

A little naughty talk, a little dirty talk is great.  If the guy you’re with can’t handle that you’re with the wrong man.

When it comes to your next relationship you need to know who you are as a sexual being.  Work out what you like. What you want. And what really turns you on.  Me?  I love when women are naughty.  I like women who know how to speak.  I like a woman that likes to speak about their desires.  It turns me on when a woman is very open and sexual.

If you’re a woman that’s conservative, that’s who you are.  Maybe you just need to be with a guy that’s just as conservative sexually. There’s nothing wrong with that, although I promise when you let go in the bedroom you’ll love it so much you’ll never look back.

So the message here ladies is, guys like women who are sexually open. Don’t buy into the media BS that women who like to be a little naughty are cheap and trashy. Sex is the most natural thing in the world, and you should be able to be who you are without worrying what other people think.

Like I said if you’re a very outgoing woman sexually and it scares a guy off, he’s just not right for you. Wait for someone who can handle who you are in the bedroom. I guarantee you’ll have no shortage of guys who’d love the opportunity to try!