I received an email the other day from a woman which truthfully broke my heart. She emailed me expressing serious doubt that there really IS someone out there for everyone. Then she asked me my opinion on that very question: Is there someone out there for everyone?

There are more than six billion people in the world today. So you have to believe that the answer to that question is yes.

There are so many people out there, and so many great people to meet. If you’re not out there taking action meeting and talking to people, though, I can see why you might have such a “doomsday” attitude questioning whether there is someone out there for everyone.

I get a lot of emails like this one from people. People email me looking for some “magic pill” to fix their dating lives. They want me to give them the one answer that will fix everything.

What kind of answer does someone want who writes to me asking whether there is someone for everyone — yes?! I am not a messiah or a prophet. I’m not a psychic. The answer to that question all depends upon whether YOU believe that there is someone for everyone.

I am someone who can absolutely teach you the skills you need to meet someone (and to meet the most amazing someone), but you need to invest in yourself and really believe, learn and embrace what I teach to make that happen.

So many people email me looking for the magic cure to all their dating issues. So many people send me emails that are prefaced by something like “If I could just know this one thing…” or “If you could just answer this one question…” It’s really just never that simple, though, and it takes a lot more to really make a change in your dating life.

That is why I’ve developed products, write my blog and have a membership site. It takes time to alter and authentically change your belief system. The truth is that nobody can change your belief system for you. I can show you the way, but you need to do the work on yourself and change it.

So back to the original question from my female reader “Is there someone out there for everyone?” The answer to that question is an unequivocal YES. Not only is there someone out there for everyone, but there are amazing people to meet along the way while you’re out there finding that special someone.

It all starts, however, by learning the basic skills of how to interact with people. If you don’t have the basic skills or you refuse to learn the basic skills (and a lot of people DO refuse to learn them), then you will always feel like it’s “doomsday” in your love life.

Life is a great journey. Take a step every day, and you’ll meet great people.

Today’s video is a repeat on what i feel is the problem with today’s men. We are all guilty of this and need to embrace this message if we really desire happiness.