How many times have you gone on a date with a woman, and the minute she walks in the room you think to yourself, “Man, I love the way she walks. I love the way she moves?” Then the minute she first opens her mouth, the attraction just grows even more.

There’s an instant chemistry you feel with her, like you’ve known each other forever. There’s an immediate feeling of comfort. As the date progresses, that feeling of comfort grows even more.

You feel so comfortable, in fact, that you stop thinking about trying to sleep with her and start realizing that you can sleep with her. You are not obsessed anymore with trying to get her in bed, because you know it’s just going to happen naturally.

You have that amazing feeling where you just know you are going to be able to connect with her in so many different ways. That’s what true chemistry is all about.

On the other hand, how many times has that beautiful woman walked in on a date and you realize that you have no chemistry with her? Maybe you met her on or Yahoo! Personals or something like that.

How many times have you had a woman walk in and your first thought when you see her is, “Oh man, I can’t wait to get the hell out of here. Where is the eject button? Why aren’t there any of those James Bond gadgets underneath this chair?”

In that situation, you just know from the second that she walks in the room that you have nothing in common with her. It’s a feeling that we all get.

The funniest thing about these two scenarios, is that both of these women could look exactly the same. They could both be stunningly beautiful, or the first one could even be less physically attractive than the second one.

The key here is that it doesn’t matter what the other person look like. It’s totally about the chemistry that the two of you have with each other.

That is the thing about dating that is really interesting — especially online dating. You can have the “Oh Wow” moment or the “Oh No” reaction at any time. We’ve all experienced both of these feelings.

I remember one time when I was single, walking in to meet a woman and having that “Oh No” moment big time. We just had zero chemistry with each other. We could have been lab partners in high school chemistry class and we would have been unable to create anything together.

Being the gentleman that I am, though, I spent the next hour and a half talking to her. The conversation was dead after the first five minutes, so I had to manufacture a conversation for the remainder of the date.

That’s the worst part of being on a date with someone about whom you have that “Oh No” feeling. You always have to manufacture a conversation. That’s the worst feeling.

That is why you want to keep meeting and keep going on dates with people. Although you’re going to have to live through your fair share of “Oh No” moments, it is all worth it when you walk in and experience the “Oh Wow” instant chemistry feeling.